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What do the children of Russian oligarchs do

It is always interesting how the life of the heirs of the rich and famous businessmen. Not much is known about this, but the publication MSN managed to collect some data about some of the representatives of the Russian “golden youth”.

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Arkady Abramovich

Roman Abramovich is perhaps the most famous Russian oligarch, and even a father of many children. He has seven children: 26-year-old Anna, 24-year-old Arkady, 23-year-old Sofia, 17-year-old Arina and 15-year-old Ilya from former wife Irina, and 8-year-old Aaron Alexander and 4-year-old Leia from ex-girlfriend (Separated in August 2017 of the year) gallery owners Daria Zhukova.

It is too early to talk about the occupations of minor children of the oligarch, but there is some information about the older ones.

The main heir to the state of the oligarch - Arkady began to dispose of the assets of his father at a rather young age. From 19 years he is the owner of the investment campaign ARA Capital Limited, named after the initials of Roman Abramovich Abramovich. Eyewitnesses claim that doing business with Arkady turns out no worse than his father. It is known that he concludes large transactions, and his income increases every year. According to Forbes magazine, in April 2015, Arkady owned 39,62% of Zoltav Resources Inc. shares, the company’s capitalization at that time was over 98 million dollars.

By the way, Arkady, like his father, is a fan of football. He, along with Roman Arkadyevich, often appears at Chelsea matches.

Anna Abramovich

The eldest of the children of Roman Abramovich in the footsteps of his father did not go. She is better known as the socialite. She can be met at the most pretentious parties, and surrounded by different men (she herself says that they are just friends). The girl has no permanent boyfriend. Perhaps this is why she was recognized as the most enviable bride of Russia.

Sofya Abramovich

The third oldest child of Roman Abramovich is 23-year-old Sophia. Previously, she was an active user of the Instagram social network, and it was from there that one could learn something about her, although the account of the oligarch’s successor is now closed. Judging by the photos that Sophia published before, her main passion is horses. She is involved in equestrian sports and even participates in competitions. She records her successes on video and, of course, uploads them to the network. No parties, luxurious life with yachts and mansions in her photos is not observed. But there were touching rare photos of the young Roman Arkadyevich.

Vyacheslav Mirilashvili

The Russian-Israeli billionaire entrepreneur Mikhail Mirilashvili has a daughter and a son. About the first little known. Her name is Tamara, she studied in St. Petersburg, then moved to Israel to study clothing designer, and she got married in 2000. But Mirilashvili's second child, 30-year-old Vyacheslav, became famous throughout the country.

After graduating from Tufts University in the USA, he and his classmate Pavel Durov founded the most popular Russian social network VKontakte in 2006. And for this, he borrowed 30 thousand dollars from his father and did not lose - in 2013, Vyacheslav sold his 40% social network shares for 700 million dollars. Mirilashvili Jr. also owns the assets of the First Popular Television company and is co-owner of the hosting provider Selektel. In 2013, he was recognized as the youngest dollar billionaire in Russia.

Anastasia Potanina

Vladimir Potanin, president of the Interros investment company, has four children: Anastasia, 34, Anastasia, 29, Ivan, and 18, Vasily, from his first wife, and Varvara, 5, from a second. But they are not the heirs of his condition. In 2010, he announced that he would transfer his capital to charity. By the way, this is the principle followed by Bill Gates.

The eldest daughter of a businessman Anastasia is currently the manager of the direction for the development of the ski resort in Sochi, Rosa Khutor, whose assets belong to Interros. But many people know her and as the four-time Russian aquabike champion among women. She won her first gold medal in 23, although she left the sport in 2007, rumored to be due to her injury.

Ivan Potanin

Ivan Potanin, after studying at MGIMO, first worked for his father’s company, but then started his own business: he became the founder of the men's Internet portal True, the site did not become popular. But Ivan, like his sister, everything has grown together with aquabikes. He is the country's repeated champion in this sport.

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Pavel Khodorkovsky

Mikhail Khodorkovsky has four children: 19-year-old twins Ilya and Gleb and 27-year-old Anastasia from their second marriage, and also 33-year-old Paul from their first wife. About the last and speech. It is known that Pavel studied in Switzerland and America, he has been living in the USA since 2003. He is the co-founder of the company for the production of energy-saving equipment Enertiv, as well as the president of the nongovernmental organization Institute of Modern Russia. He met his future wife, Olesya Livanova, in the United States, now the couple have two children, they live in New York. As the American edition of The Observer wrote, buying an apartment in a prestigious area of ​​Manhattan cost a couple 3,76 million dollars.

Kira Plastinina

Kira Plastinina - Russian designer and the only daughter of the co-owner of the food company Wimm-Bill-Dann and the KiraPlastinina trade brand Sergey Plastinin. For her 25 years, the girl, albeit with the help of her father, who invested 35 million dollars in the development of her daughter’s trademark, achieved a lot: she took part in Milan Fashion Week, made friends with many stars (her clothes are Ksenia Sobchak, Natalia Ionova, Nyusha) , Paris Hilton, Selena Gomez and many others), and also gave many interviews and stylized several advertising campaigns.

In January 2017, Kira married the American financier Trey Valletta, whom she had met for three years before. Trey is the head of the finance department at Tinker Tailor, the largest international online studio. The wedding took place in one of the Mexican hotels on the Pacific coast, and continued with the honeymoon in Sardinia. Now the couple live in the state of Texas.

Anna Anisimova

The owner of Coalco and co-owner of Gazmetall, Vasily Anisimov, has five children. The most famous (and not only in Russia) among them received his third daughter from her first marriage - 32-year-old Anna. Since 1991, she lives in New York and, being married to American producer Peter Schafer, tries her hand at an acting career. So far, there are not so many roles on her account - having given birth to a daughter in the spring of 2014, Anna left a career for a few years, giving the baby all the time. But in 2017, she returned to work - played a major role in the drama “Sadness of Elizabeth”, and in 2018, two more films came out with her participation. Anisimov is also known as a former top model and socialite.

By the way, Anna recently got on the list of beauties of the TrendChaser entertainment portal: in addition to youth and beauty, the young ladies in the rating had to have another criterion - a billion dollars in bills. Anna came up in all respects - her personal state of the portal was estimated at 2 billion.

Evgeny Lebedev

At the moment, businessman Alexander Lebedev is married to the famous model Elena Perminova, from whom he has three children: Nikita 8-year-old, Yegor 6-year-old, and Arina 4-year-old. However, from the first wife of Natalia, the daughter of Soviet academician Vladimir Solovyov, he has an older son - 38-year-old Yevgeny.

Most of his life Eugene spent abroad - he was 8, when his father got a job at the Soviet embassy in London and the family moved to England. Now he is helping his father in the management of his companies: the British newspaper Independent and Evening Standard, the latter, under his leadership, became the first free circulation newspaper in Britain. Eugene also has his own business projects: he is engaged in the restaurant business in London, owns the Palazzo Terra Nova boutique hotel in Umbria and is a co-sponsor of the Moscow Art Theater. In addition, Lebedev Jr. is actively involved in charity: in 2006, he founded the Raisa Gorbacheva Foundation, which helps children with cancer. Not married. He met with actress Jerry Halliwell, rumors of his romance with Gillian Anderson circulated.

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