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What is the difference between a working day in the USA and Russia: personal experience of an immigrant

An immigrant from Russia, who now lives and works in the United States, decided to share his experience in the office, compare workdays and talk about the difference between working in the USA and Russia. He described his impressions in blog “Dumped to America” on “Yandex.Zen”.

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Next - from the first person.

It’s difficult for me to compare the working day in general in the USA and in Russia, since life in an office in California, and, say, New York, is very different. And life in an office in St. Petersburg, most likely, differs from its counterpart, say, in Surgut.

In addition, the last time I was in the St. Petersburg office was more than 6 years ago. Perhaps everything has changed dramatically. But try.

Therefore, I will compare my memories of office life in St. Petersburg with the work in our office in Hollywood.

Working day in St. Petersburg - Working day in California

Peter. Winter. Everyone came, the office immediately smelled of tobacco. People settled in their workplaces, and immediately went to smoke break. The working day is very quiet and boring. Free tea breaks. In general, there is nothing to write. Smokes, lunch and waiting for the end of the working day.

Everyone is in high spirits on Friday. Everyone asks each other who leaves work when and what their weekend plans are. But since winter, all plans are bars.

Office on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles

You come in, pour a cup of free coffee. Check out the schedule of free events at the complex. You go to the kitchen - something free is definitely waiting there - in our building there were many different start-up offices that handed out their products.

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You could get new deodorants from a lab trying to find the perfect antiperspirant recipe, print mugs from a print agency, and tasty sandwiches from a healthy food startup. Half an hour in the kitchen, and you have already found a couple of new startups you know.

What I didn't like about the Hollywood office was the lack of sunlight and excessive air conditioning.

At lunchtime, a couple of food trucks arrive, who have an agreement with the office complex and offer a special price for employees.

People from different offices and corridors talk about their projects, exchange contacts, try to understand how they can be useful to each other. The complex hosts free events every day.

On Tuesdays - startups talk about themselves - a great excuse to find clients or start networking. Free Margarita or Gin and Tonic is available to everyone in the lobby on Thursdays. On Fridays, partner companies offer cheap services for residents of the office complex: massage for half price, yoga for $ 5, discounts on various services, free lectures on various topics (on healthy lifestyle or design).

At one of the complex's events, we won a weekend in Palm Springs worth $ 3000. In addition, our office offered unlimited free coffee, tea, mineral water, draft beer, a relaxation and meditation area, a mini-movie theater, and a balcony with a view of Hollywood.

Everyone works very relaxed. Rarely will anyone get tired after a California day at the office. Often on Friday, half of the offices are empty. And sometimes on Sunday half of the offices are crowded.

The main thing in our office complex in the USA is that no one is sitting in their pants waiting for the evening. Rarely does anyone control employees. The main thing is productivity and results. And how many hours did you sit in a chair, nobody cares.

The employee is focused on work - because his career, his income and self-realization will depend on it. He knows that sitting in his pants won't help him in any way.

Original column published on the blog. “Dumped to America” on “Yandex.Zen”.

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