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What is the difference between apartments in the USA and Russia?

Yulia works at an international children's camp. Various groups of children come to them, mainly from English-speaking countries. She also takes children abroad. She is interested in communicating with foreigners, and they are interested in communicating with her. Having visited many countries, she began to write her own blog, Let's Be Straight. In one of her stories, she decided to compare the differences between apartments in the USA and in Russia.

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So, in American apartments (houses) there is no hallway, there is no wallpaper gluing and no curtains hanging. And although many Russians today also do not hang curtains on windows and get rid of wallpaper, nevertheless, curtains and wallpapers in Russia are still very popular. Enough to go to any building hypermarket to understand this.


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This thing distinguishes American cuisine from Russian. Although I know people who dispozer does not like. But you know, these people do not like dishwashers. After all, you can wash your hands, why such a luxury?

However, in the USA all shells are supplied with a disposer. This is the so-called food waste chopper. For example, you can peel potatoes, eggs, carrots right in the sink. Then you just need to turn on the special button, turn on the water and all the waste will turn into compost. Americans like it a lot, and those who come to Russia really miss the dispenser. Because Americans often throw plates in the sink with the remnants of food, they peel potatoes right in the sink and do a lot of what seems wild to Russians. Our familiar Americans do not have a disposer.


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They are also not so often found in American apartments. The fact is that in the bedrooms, the Americans have the so-called wardrobe. These are small rooms without windows where things are stored. Also very convenient! Since our Americans have their own house, which they built themselves, they have dressing rooms in all rooms and absolutely no wardrobes.

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By the way, Americans count the number of rooms without taking into account the living room. That is, our three-room apartment there may well be a two-room apartment.


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Perhaps this is the only thing that Americans like in Russia much more than in their homeland. First, the bathrooms in the United States, often (not always) are in the rooms. Americans are sure that it is so convenient. Our Americans have a two-story house with three bedrooms and a large living room, as well as a study and a kitchen. So they have in the house 3 toilets. Americans shower is very uncomfortable. There is no hose and, as a rule, the shower is bolted to the wall. If you wash, then only completely. It is simply impossible to wash separate parts of the body. In addition, the water in the United States runs slower, and therefore wash there longer. And here, as one American once said, “Niagara Falls”.

Toilets in the US are also strange. When you wash it, it all goes away for a very long time, there is an opportunity to consider everything. Because the American guys, coming to our camp, always praise our toilets.


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Balconies in America are large and without glass. A kind of this whole gaming zone. But not in all states so. But where the winters are relatively warm, there is never a glass. Our friends do not have a balcony.

Laundry room

With washing in the United States is not so simple. There is one laundry for the whole street and each apartment has its own days when its residents can come and do their laundry. Or it is a separate small room in the apartment, where there is a washing machine and dryer. In the bathroom, washing machines never stand. Our Americans have a washing machine in a separate small room.

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