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What is the difference cinema in the US and Ukraine

Watching a movie in one of the most cinema cities in the world, and after a session again getting into a movie already on the streets of the city is a dream for any movie lover to whom I can easily and joyfully attribute. Marina Gritsenko - traveler, journalist, author of the project about New York and the USAColumbus Chocolate"Tells the difference between an American movie going from UkrainianWhat is necessary to know and take into account when visiting the cinema and what is the beauty of this event in New York ...



Let's start with her mother, because buying a ticket is the first thing you need to do! The cost of admission to the cinema is about 18 dollars, which, compared to the Ukrainian 80-100 hryvnia (that is, the 3,5-4 dollar) looks very expensive. The ticket price does not depend on which row and place you want to choose, whether you want to go to a movie in 3D format or not. The cost of tickets can depend only on the sessions - in the morning it is 10-12 dollars, in the evening 16-18.

Here I will immediately note that even the cinemas of the same network, which are located in different parts of the city, have different prices. For example, a ticket for an evening session in the center of Manhattan will cost 18 dollars, while in Harlem - 12.

Your seat according to the ticket

It's just not there! Buying a ticket to a particular film, you buy a ticket to watch this film, and not a place in the hall. Row, seat number and other nuances on the ticket are not listed. Going into the hall, you choose any free space and sit on it. Of my many trips to the cinema in New York, I remember only one film that we came to very well in advance to take good places in the cinema - it was some kind of loud premiere of the next Batman movie in 2012. For the rest of the time, I never watched a large crowd of people and a marathon on the steps of a cinema hall in the hope of taking a better place.


My American friends are always surprised that in Ukraine they sell tickets to certain places and at different prices. But to be objective, I don’t want to imagine what was going on in our cinemas if we took the American model of ticket sales as an example.

A little trick that saves money, but it’s not worth repeating.

You buy a ticket at the entrance to the cinema and present it, too, at the entrance to the cinema. Yes Yes! Not at the entrance to the hall, but at the entrance to the cinema. At the entrance to the hall you have no one checks anything. So the trick is this. Many residents of the CIS countries (tourists or those who moved to the States for permanent residence) go to the cinema in the morning, buy a ticket for any film and then all day easily go from room to room and watch 1 films rather than 10. This option is really possible. No one looks at the fact that you left the cinema after a session, and instead of going home, went to another room. But let's be honest, and leave different tricks in the past - in the past life, in the past country, and so on.


Frankly, I also made such a maneuver once. I went to the cinema with a friend and simply persuaded him to take a ticket to the movie Dope, which I actually confused with another movie that I really wanted to see. Realizing that the film is very specific and it can only be understood by a certain category of people, I was upset that I dragged my friend to a session, quickly opened the movie schedule of this cinema itself in my phone and realized that after 20 minutes in the next room, the Jurassic World begins suggested a friend go to another room, as the movie Dope was simply impossible to watch! Here is the conversation we had:

- Tony, let's move to the next room, now there will begin the "Jurassic World"

- So how do we move to another room?

- Well, come out and go. Do you like this movie? So I do not! Let's see something else!

- But we have the same tickets here! Is it possible to go to another room?

“But nobody checks this.” Tickets are checked only at the entrance!

- Exactly! This is not very convenient, but the film is really terrible. Let's try.

And we tried. Considering that at the exit from the hall we met an employee of the cinema and pretended that we were going to the toilet, and then went over to another hall, it was very inconvenient. But really for implementation.


If in Ukraine the hall is opened for 10 minutes before the beginning of the film and only 5 minutes are running ads for vodka, gold rings and hemorrhoids, in the US the hall in which the session should take place is open 30 minutes before the start. All this time, programs about show-biza, programs about filming movies, some sort of off-screening moments and, of course, native advertising are spinning on the screen. Here I’ll note that advertising is not a super-targeted movie, but at the same time, advertising of medical products, the new LCD and discounts on fish in the N chain stores you will not see here.


Start of session

Continuing the topic of advertising, I will say that the session really begins on 20-25 minutes after the time indicated on the ticket. All these legitimate 25 minutes of the session, you continue to watch ads, but mixed up with the trailers for new films. I really like this trick, because: a) I like to watch American ads; b) I love to watch trailers.

Mobile Phones

If everyone in the Ukrainian cinema quietly uses mobile phones (I’m talking about a simple message sending or checking email that doesn’t interfere with the movie at all), the following happens in the US.

On the example of the same trip to the cinema with a friend of Tony: the film has just begun, and I remembered that I constantly forget to show Tony some photo. I took out my phone and started flipping through the tape on facebook.

- Hey, what are you doing? Hide the phone! - Tony told me

- Why? I'm looking for a photo and don't bother anyone!

- You can not use mobile! They might think that you are shooting a film and will call the police. Hide the phone, show it later!


By the way, if you went to the movie in the 3D format, then you need to take the glasses and a napkin to wipe them at the entrance to the hall and in the same way put the glasses back into the box from which they were taken. There is no aunt who gives and collects glasses before or after the session.



In addition to the usual network of cinemas, which show the latest cinema novelties, in New York there is a huge number of cinemas that show only art-house, old cinema, festival cinema ... There are cinemas with tables for every two seats, where you can not only watch movies but also a snack.

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