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Part of COVID-19 survivors is newly infected with coronavirus: what is known

According to a recent study in China, some (about 10%) of patients who have previously recovered from coronavirus infection again have positive test results after being discharged from the hospital, writes Fox News.

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First-aid doctors during the outbreak in Wuhan, China, where the virus appeared, reported that 3 to 10 percent of the treated patients had been infected with the coronavirus repeatedly, although it is not yet clear whether they were contagious to other people.

The Tongji hospital, in which the first case of COVID-19 was diagnosed, confirmed that 5 out of 145 patients (a little over 3%) were again found to have been infected after testing for nucleic acids.

“At the moment, there is no evidence that they are infectious,” said Wang Wei, president of the hospital.

According to him, 5 patients with positive results of repeated tests had no symptoms, and not one of their close contacts was infected.

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Wang added that monitoring the patients showed that 80-90% did not show traces of the virus in the body a month after being discharged from the hospital, but the remaining 10% may be at risk of reinfection.

But, according to him, this is just a “small group”, and “the results of her research are not enough to be sure of the reliability of the results” and their applicability to all patients.

“We need large-scale epidemiological research to guide our surveillance and prevention efforts,” Wang said.

Meanwhile, in other quarantine institutions in Wuhan, about 5-10% of recovered patients also re-received a positive coronavirus test several weeks after being discharged from the hospital. This was reported in the Chinese news publication Health Times, associated with the state newspaper People's Daily.

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The studies are conducted as part of the validation of the concept of taking plasma from a recovered person, processing it and administering antibodies to patients with COVID-19 to stimulate their immune system. This treatment method was approved in the USA.

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