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Charles III will abdicate the throne to give the crown to his son William

Britain's King Charles III will pass the crown to his eldest son Prince William in 10 years, according to a former royal butler, reports New York Post.

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Paul Burrell, who worked for Princess Diana for more than 10 years before her sudden death in 1997, said the 75-year-old monarch would seek to give up the throne early to make way for William, 41, and his wife Kate Middleton.

“I think it will happen. I think it's a 10-year plan," Burrell said, adding that Charles was "buying time" and had a "10-year plan" before his abdication.

“I don't think he wants to continue being king. The crowned heads of Europe may pass on power to their heirs and see them become monarchs. They enjoy it,” Burrell continued.

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“The Queen would never do this because she belonged to a different generation, her whole life was built around being a monarch. But the king will know exactly what to do. “He’ll say, ‘I’ve done enough,’ and he’ll continue to do what he wants,” he said.

"I think the country will have a new young king and queen and that will complete the story of Diana's son becoming king," Burrell added.

Royal family experience

Burrell's forecast echoes the major shake-up of the Danish royal family this year.

Queen Margrethe II, 83, announced her sudden abdication in her New Year's speech on December 31. She resigned on January 14 to allow her son, Crown Prince Frederik, to take the reins.

It is believed that Margrethe's decision to abdicate the throne early was caused by her desire to keep up with the times.

And Burrell believes there could be a similar shake-up in the UK when Charles turns 80.

A former royal butler said he thinks the Prince and Princess of Wales will go on a long-distance tour towards the end of the year, which will prove they are ready for their new royal duties.

“In the autumn, if Kate’s health is strong enough, I foresee a royal tour. "The King and Queen don't like to travel long distances, so I think William and Kate will go to Canada or Australia," Burrell said. — Kate is too much of an asset. The royal family won't want to lose her. Kate is the future of the family."

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“They are very close-knit,” he continued. “I think the king has a plan for the next eight years, but I believe that then he will follow the example of the Queen of Denmark. He would like to see his son's coronation. Who wouldn't want their son to reach the pinnacle of his career?"

“I think King Charles has a different approach to ruling than his mother. I think he will work hard for 10 years and then say it's time to retire. He will watch his son blossom,” he added.

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