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US food prices continue to rise: what has risen in price over the past month

Food prices continue to rise during the pandemic, as demand for this group of goods persists and even increases, writes CNN.

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In the past few months, self-isolation and the closure of restaurants have prompted an increasing number of people to eat at home. As a result, the cost of food products at home rose in June by 0,7% compared with the previous month, according to seasonally adjusted data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Despite the fact that the growth rate decreased slightly (in May it amounted to 1% compared to April), the prices of individual foodstuffs fluctuated quite sharply during this time. Here are some foods that have become more expensive or cheaper in June.

More expensive products

Meat prices rose again.

In general, prices for beef and veal increased by 4,8%. Pork prices were up 3,3%, while bacon went up 8,1%. Hot dog prices rose 4,9%.

Frozen fish and seafood went up by 1%.

Americans also paid more for sweets. Cakes, muffins and cookies rose 1,8%. Prices for fresh cakes and muffins rose by 3,5%. Fresh donut prices rose 1,8%.

The cost of flour increased by 2,1%. Snacks rose 2,1%, while carbonated drinks prices rose 2,2%.

Coffee also went up in price - by 1,8%. Breakfast cereal prices increased by 1,1%, while fresh vegetables and fruits are 1,3% more expensive.

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What has fallen in price

Some products have become less expensive.

The cost of eggs and dairy products in June decreased. Egg prices fell 2,7%. Butter fell 1,7%, while milk prices fell 0,6%.

Apples fell 2,1%.

And although the price of desserts rose, sugar prices and sugar substitutes fell 1,3%.


Some prices remained unchanged.

Poultry prices remain relatively stable with a slight increase of 0,1%.

Rice and cheese became slightly cheaper - by 0,2%.

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