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Prices, internet and parking: 5 cons of living in the USA

Today I want to talk about those things in the United States that sometimes cause bewilderment, but someone is simply enraged. And every time I come across them, I think to myself, “guys, why complicate this?” So, here are five cons of living in the US that I have noticed.

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The first minus - the prices in the store are indicated without tax

You come to the store, fill the basket with a standard set. You go to the checkout and figure out in your head that you will spend $ 50. And they tell you $ 55. This is because the state tax is added to the amount - sales tax. Something like our VAT. And in every state it is different. That is, in one state it will be 6%, in another 8%, and in the third 4%. Here you have chosen an iPhone XS MAX 69GB for 1099, and then at registration the amount is recalculated and turns into 1211. There are also happy States that have no sales tax. For example, Delaware.

The second disadvantage is expensive Internet and cellular communications, and the quality of services is so-so

Having high speed internet at home is very important to me. I work with video and audio so that downloads are faster, it is important that the connection is of high quality. In Russia, such a connection cost 600 rubles, which is about $ 10. Here the Internet with the same declared speed of 100mbits costs 3, and sometimes 4 times more expensive. For installing the modem, you will pay another $ 20-30 at least.

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Unlimited cellular communications in California cost an average of $ 50-60. Moreover, almost no operator catches by the ocean, close to the mountains or when moving to the valley.

The third minus is the parking rules

When I was going to California, I read on the forums that it’s hard for guys to immediately understand the parking rules. To myself, I decided that it was difficult, there are signs, I’ll figure it out. The first time I saw the sign, I was in a light shock: there is a pillar, three signs are nailed on it with different conditions: parking is prohibited on weekdays from 16:00 to 18:00, parking is allowed on weekends until 22:00, street cleaning and td

And try to get up in violation, they’ll immediately put a fine under the glass, it’s called ticket here. And the fines here are rather big. So you are standing in a car in the middle of the street, cars are waiting for you, you have to read all the signs in a second, add up all the conditions in your head and make a quick decision to park or drive on. Just a quest of some kind.

The fourth minus is insurance and medicine prices and examinations

US medicine is clearly overrated. In terms of the quality of services at the level, no doubt. But how much does it all cost. I was prescribed a cough spray, with us it would cost 140 rubles, this is $ 2. Here exactly the same spray is prescribed for me, I go to the pharmacy and, oh gods, it costs $ 120.

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About the insurance here only the lazy did not say. You have to pay $ 200-300 a month for good insurance, and you pay it even if you do not go to the doctor. It would seem that you pay a month and use your health, but no. Then at each visit you pay a minimum amount of $ 10-20. This is the so-called deductible amount.

So insurance companies are trying to control the frequency of your visits to the doctor. You know how our grandmothers go to the clinic as a club to chat, then such a trip to the club is an extra $ 20. And once again you will not go to the therapist. At the appointment, the doctor may prescribe a study or drug that may not be included in your insurance.

Fifth minus - non-punctuality in some institutions

I do not presume to say for the whole country, but in California, punctuality in some places is a direct misfortune. For example, a doctor. If you are recorded at 13:00, they will accept you, plus or minus at 14:00. He came to the haircut by 11:00, plus 15-20 minutes. Yes, during this expectation they may say sorry for the expectation, but it will not brighten up the unfortunate hour in the queue.

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