Spend a Day with a Real Astronaut: Florida Space Center Offers Extraordinary Tour

Many of us dreamed of becoming astronauts as children, and now we have the opportunity to almost fulfill our… Read more

Florida resident receives 13 new suitcases from Delta as compensation for damaged luggage

Florida resident received 13 suitcases after Delta Air Lines damaged her luggage.… Read more

A stranger paid for a man's purchases in a supermarket and after that became his best friend

The guy helped the man at the checkout in the supermarket: he paid for his purchase. Subsequently, these two became ... Read more

Ford creates a self-driving car: it will drive away from you if you do not pay the loan for it

Ford may receive a patent for an automatic vehicle seizure system. In case of delays in payment of the loan, ... Read more

In Arkansas found an insect from the time of the dinosaurs: it was considered extinct in America

A giant Jurassic insect that has been missing from eastern North America for at least half a century has been spotted sitting... Read more

The world's largest laptop has been created in the USA: it weighs 45 kg

If you think 17-inch laptops are big enough, then the 43-inch is definitely mother… Read more

In Kentucky there is a village of mini-houses: even children live there in separate buildings

Communities of tiny houses are popping up all over the country, but one family in Kentucky has created their own village.… Read more

Unopened first-generation iPhone sold at auction for $60

A factory-sealed first-generation iPhone sold at auction for a whopping $63 —… Read more

Man jailed for 28 years for murder he didn't commit

The court ruled that Lamar Johnson should be exonerated for the murder charge of Marcus Boyd. Judge… Read more

A thrifty woodpecker hid more than 300 kg of acorns in the walls of a house in California: the stash created a lot of problems for the residents

A pest control company in Santa Rosa, California, while examining damage to the walls of a resident's home… Read more

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