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Alla Pugacheva is selling her 6-storey castle in Russia: the singer wants $16 million for it

Russian prima donna Alla Pugacheva is selling her famous castle in the village of Gryaz. Price - 1 billion ... Read more

They break limbs and ask to infect them with HIV: how Russians are trying to avoid mobilization

Russian citizens who have not fled abroad are coming up with new ways to avoid mobilization. About it… Read more

A ram for a son: in Russia, sheep are given to families mobilized for war in Ukraine

In one of the regions of Russia, in the Republic of Tyva, sheep are distributed to the families of those mobilized for the war in Ukraine. About… Read more

Ukraine applies for fast-track accession to NATO

Ukraine submits an application for NATO membership in an accelerated mode. This was stated by the President of Ukraine… Read more

Putin signed decrees on the 'accession' of the occupied Ukrainian territories to Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the annexation of the territories occupied in Ukraine. He signed the relevant decrees ... Read more

US warns that Americans in Russia may be mobilized if they have dual citizenship

The US Embassy in Russia said that in connection with the mobilization, "Russia may refuse to recognize American citizenship ... Read more

Georgia proposes 'occupation tax' for Russians

In Georgia, the opposition United National Movement party, founded in 2001 by Mikheil Saakashvili, has formally… Read more

Meta: Russian disinformers spoofed Western media websites

Meta (formerly Facebook) has released a report announcing the disclosure of a Russian disinformation campaign.… Read more

'It's just meat': Russian contract soldiers who fought in Ukraine told what they think about mobilization

Mobilization in Russia has been going on for a week now. Some conscripts are already at the front (and without training); ... Read more

The US and several EU countries urged their citizens to urgently leave Russia

The US Embassy in Moscow has issued a safety alert for US citizens in Russia. Persons with… Read more

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