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'Arrived with $ 6': how a Ukrainian achieved the title of one of the most promising US scientists

Vasily Lyubchenko is a famous American chemist with Ukrainian roots, and in addition, he is an actor in the Russian Drama ... Read more

The Ukrainian starred in the popular series from Netflix: who is she and how did she get into Hollywood

Actress and producer Alina Smolyar, who was born in Odessa, but has been working in Los Angeles since 2014… Read more

Russian extradited to US: he faces 50 years in prison for cryptocurrency fraud

Russian Alexander Vinnik, who is suspected of laundering $ 4 billion on the cryptocurrency exchange, was transported from Greece ... Read more

An American with Armenian roots earned $ 25 million on illegal unlocking of phones

The former owner of a T-Mobile retail store in Eagle Rock, 44-year-old Argishti Khudaverdyan of Burbank, was found guilty… Read more

Playing Themselves: How California Immigrants Make a Film on Their Own

A unique project is being implemented these days in Northern California. A group of immigrants on their own took on ... Read more

Who is Viktor Bout, the 'seller of death' whom the United States is ready to return to Russia in exchange for Americans convicted there

The life of Viktor Bout, a Russian arms dealer imprisoned in the US and possibly being exchanged... Read more

He paid for the protests and interfered in the elections: the Russian was accused of spreading propaganda in the United States

A Russian with a trimmed beard and a graphic T-shirt appeared live on the air of the political group ... Read more

US offers $10 million for information on 'Putin's chef' and his troll factory

The US is offering a $10 million reward for information leading to the identification or whereabouts of Yevgeny... Read more

'The world is gray': the heartbreaking story of a Ukrainian refugee trying to survive with her children in London

Olga fled from the Russian occupation. Now in London, she is struggling to find a job... Read more

In Alaska, a program to support Ukrainians was created: the first refugees have already arrived there

Recently, twelve Ukrainian refugees arrived at Anchorage International Airport. Ted Stevens. Volunteers welcomed... Read more

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