A congresswoman with Ukrainian roots harshly criticized Zelensky: the American media found hidden motives for these actions in her

US Congresswoman Victoria Spartz, who accused the Ukrainian authorities of poor preparations for the war, allegedly lobbied for… Read more

Three holes found in Nord Stream gas pipelines: Russia speaks of sabotage by the EU, Europe accuses Moscow of provocation

Three damages were discovered on the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines. Authorities… Read more

Uruguayan presidential security chief arrested for selling fake passports to Russians

On September 26, the Uruguayan police arrested the head of the presidential bodyguard at the presidential residence on suspicion of… Read more

The abandoned bride decided not to lose heart and made a holiday for herself out of a failed wedding for $ 13

The bride, who was abandoned on the morning of her wedding day, made the bold decision to continue the celebration surrounded by her… Read more

Due to hundreds of earthquakes, one of the most powerful supervolcanoes on Earth woke up

New Zealand scientists have raised the alert level due to a volcano under the country's largest lake. Over the last 5000… Read more

A man put deodorant in his anus and walked with it for three weeks: doctors barely saved him

A 27-year-old man in India has been hospitalized after shoving a can of deodorant up his butt... Read more

Biden officially named the new US ambassador to Russia

President Biden appointed Lynn Tracy as ambassador to the Russian Federation on September 20 to resolve tensions... Read more

The crash of Kaczynski's plane in Russia: a new scandal flared up around the Smolensk disaster

In Poland, a political scandal erupted around a journalistic investigation, which showed that the parliamentary commission investigating the circumstances ... Read more

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania closed their borders to Russians

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania closed their borders to most Russian citizens on September 19 in response to… Read more

The curse of September 19: the third strong earthquake in Mexico fell on this date

An earthquake of magnitude 7,6 hit western Mexico on September 19, the anniversary of two devastating earthquakes -… Read more

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