Vera Polozkova and the Ukrainian picnic: how to spend a weekend in the USA (September 30 - October 2)

Если к вам пожаловала осенняя хандра, то у нас есть эффективное лекарство — наша подборка… Read more

Quest room 'Hut' and art show: how to spend a weekend in Miami (September 30 - October 2)

Что: Выставка о будущем Земли Когда: Пятница-воскресенье, 30 сентября - 2 октября Где: Artechouse 736… Read more

Moulin Rouge and Ukrainian picnic: how to spend a weekend in the San Francisco Bay Area (September 30 - October 2)

What: Magic Market When: Friday, September 30, from 18:00 Where: ALFRESCO DINING PARK 1435 Webster… Read more

Vera Polozkova and the Atlantic Antic festival: how to spend a weekend in New York (September 30 - October 2)

What: War photo exhibition When: Friday-Sunday, September 30 - October 2 Where: Harriman Institute… Read more

Italian Festival and attraction 'The Witch': how to spend a weekend in Los Angeles (September 30 - October 2)

Что: Показ фильма о постпандемическом будущем Когда: Пятница-воскресенье, 30 сентября - 2 октября Где: The… Read more

Movie autumn with Kartina.TV: interesting films for parents and free tariff for children

Хорошая осень - это когда, завернувшись в уютный плед, наслаждаешься тёплым чаем и тихим дождём… Read more

American scientists conduct entertaining online lessons for Ukrainian orphans

Since the beginning of the war, dozens of orphanages have left the combat zone in Ukraine. Hundreds of orphans... Read more

NASA today will try to destroy the asteroid: you can watch everything live

On September 26, NASA plans to strike an asteroid about 11 million km from Earth… Read more

What is exhibited in the most secret museum in the world, where no one is allowed in except for intelligence agents

The CIA's Secret Inner Museum is arguably the most unusual and exclusive museum in the world, full of artefacts that shaped… Read more

Oscar-winning 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' actress dies

Louise Fletcher, the imposing steel-eyed actress who won an Academy Award for her role as the domineering nurse Ratched... Read more

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