First grader shoots teacher in Virginia: boy's family share details about child and gun

The family of the 6-year-old Virginia boy who shot his teacher at Newport News Elementary School almost... Read more

Alec Baldwin to be tried for killing Galina Hutchins on set

Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin will be charged with manslaughter while filming Rust... Read more

Pennsylvania woman killed parents and dismembered their bodies with a chainsaw

The Pennsylvania woman shot both of her elderly parents in the head, officials said. Read more

A famous actor went missing in the mountains of California

British actor Julian Sands has gone missing after hiking in the San Gabriel Mountains. Read more

One meter alligator found in container in New Jersey

January 15 in the small town of Neptune, New Jersey, a passerby found an abandoned alligator meter. He was… Read more

In Alaska, a polar bear killed a woman and a child and pursued other residents of the town

A polar bear chasing the inhabitants of a small town in Alaska killed a woman and a boy on January 17, before ... Read more

Anti-tank bazooka found in passenger luggage at Texas airport

A bazooka-like weapon powerful enough to… Read more

Another child died because of the challenge in TikTok: parents are suing the social network

A 12-year-old girl from Argentina, Milagros Soto, was found dead on January 13 at her home after… Read more

Woman sues bar where she drank before causing horrific accident

A Canadian woman convicted of driving under the influence that led to an accident in 2019… Read more

Republican organized attacks on Democrats' homes after losing the election

The former Republican candidate for the New Mexico State Legislature, who police said declared... Read more

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