Stephen Harper in support of Israel

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, in his emotionally saturated and historically verified speech on the Day of the Catastrophe, pointed to the existential threat coming from the enemies of Israel, did not overlook Iran’s desire to seize nuclear weapons, and stressed that to this day “anti-Semitism takes lives and security ...

Legalization of outposts do not like the US and the UN

The United States is "deeply concerned" by the decision of the Israeli government on the legalization of three villages in Judea and Samaria. The UN Secretary-General, Jordan and France expressed the same “deep concern”, and PA President Mahmoud Abbas called this decision “dead-end”.

Israel celebrates Memorial Day

At the Memorial Ceremony for those who fell near the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Israeli President Shimon Peres said that Israel owes its successes to the courage of its soldiers, and Chief of the General Staff Beni Gantz said that the IDF is ready for any battle and any task.

Whom to mourn: Livni or Kadima?

March 27 after midnight there was a coup in Kadima. Shaul Mofaz was not just elected to the "primaries" as party chairman - he won a convincing victory over Tzipi Livni: 62% against 37.

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