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Oleg Sukachenko

I write sometimes. I read, of course, more))

Live until you die

Scrolling through the morning with a cup of traditional coffee fresh English press, drew attention to the information that made me unwittingly choke.)) It turns out that people around are doing what they are trying to shorten their own, already short, century. Scientists estimate that one smoked cigarette ...

No right to mistake

The world is changing before our eyes. War, terrorism and economic crime too often kill dreams, people's aspirations and raise fears for the future of our children. New York witnessed how the twin towers were destroyed on September 11. People here, as nowhere else, understand: the decision taken in ...

Maria Amelkina

By ForumDaily

Personal experience. How we arrived in the United States on a student visa

Probably every immigrant remembers the date when he flew to a new country. I am no exception, although I do not consider myself an immigrant, but rather a temporary resident. My husband enrolled in the Department of Computer Science doctoral program at an American university and went to study. The term of study is 5-7 ...

Oleg Sukachenko

I write sometimes. I read, of course, more))

Straight line with the president

Tomorrow, once again, the devil knows which one is already in a row, since Putin will be answering questions carefully selected for him by the presidential administration. The people, for the sake of which all this annual clowning is being held, will again dismiss saliva from affection: how lucky they were ...

Inside the bubble

Crisis is now afraid of more war, judging by the frequency of references in social. networks and conversations "in the kitchen." The crisis test is quite simple - if your income has fallen by half, but you live with your old wife, it means a crisis. He is being discussed ...

Oleg Sukachenko

I write sometimes. I read, of course, more))

Time to love

Russian beauties you darkness and the darkness of their unearthly beauty tore Radiating around the unspeakable, mysterious light What the sheikhs-kings are there, the poets dedicated poems to you And the monks, falling in love, shot a celibate vow! .. Let your road be happy and easy ...

Konstantin Zaliznyak

Broker real estate agencies Halstead Property

What kind of housing can you buy in New York?

Konstantin Zaliznyak, a broker of one of the largest companies for the sale of residential real estate, Halstead Property, told ForumDaily about what kind of housing you can buy in New York and what you need to pay attention to when choosing real estate. New York is a city of tenants. Here 64% of residential ...

Lucy Zaichkina

"Adventures of Russian mothers in Miami" modern motherhood through the eyes of a stylist, a fashion editor and mothers of two sons

Miami basics! Basic things stylist in Miami

On me: cotton top, d.Ra; jeans, McGuire; bag, Henry Bendel; points, Ray Ban Nothing invigorated and inspired me better than my favorite blog. - Why are you suddenly jumping so funny, Zaichkina? - Favorite asked me. - Download photographed on a blog! On…

Oleg Sukachenko

I write sometimes. I read, of course, more))

How I almost became the best man on the planet.

The international competition "Mister World" was invented by the British - Julia and Erlik Morley, who are also the authors of the competition "Miss World". In principle, their logic is clear: “Give each Miske a Mister,” especially since the eternal women's dispute on the topic: “Who in the world ...

Oleg Sukachenko

I write sometimes. I read, of course, more))

Chechnya through the eyes of Russian

Some time ago, in one of the social networks, I left a message with the following content: “They say that in Chechnya now peace and quiet, and God's grace. Kadyrov almost daily swears allegiance to Putin (promising, on occasion, to die for him), and ...

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