Immigration in the USA

Registration for the DV-2024 green card lottery has opened: how to increase your chances of winning

Online registration for participation in the Green Card DV-2024 lottery has opened. Applications are accepted from 12:00 pm (ET) 5… Read more

How to prepare for the US citizenship test and interview: Immigration Advice

During your naturalization interview, a US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) will ask you questions ... Read more

The United States declared its readiness to accept refugees from Russia against the backdrop of war and mobilization

Tens of thousands of Russian men of military age have fled the country to avoid Putin's mobilization for war... Read more

Vital and criminal record for immigration: what it is and how to find the right records

When filing immigration applications and petitions, the US government often requires you to provide various documentation, ... Read more

The dates for filing applications for the DV-2024 green card lottery have become known

The US Embassy in Freetown (Sierra Leone) has announced that the registration period for the Green Card Lottery (Diversity Visa Program… Read more

When is the next green card draw and an important change in the lottery rules that you should be aware of

Over the next few weeks, the State Department will announce the dates when registration for the DV-2024 Green Card Lottery will open.… Read more

'Whatever you do, the first two years will be terrible': an immigrant from Ukraine gave advice on adapting to America

Vladislav Perepon shared his experience of adapting after immigrating to the United States in a group for Ukrainians on… Read more

How to legally cross the US-Mexico border: what Ukrainians and Russians need to know

The situation on the US-Mexico border has always been tense, with the outbreak of war in Ukraine to… Read more

The US has accelerated the issuance of work permits for Ukrainians and some other immigrants: instead of ten months, they need to wait two or three

The federal government has issued a notice that heralds a potentially huge improvement for Ukrainians fleeing the war -… Read more

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