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Former FBI Deputy Director: Trump believes in Putin more than US intelligence agencies

US President Donald Trump believed the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who convinced the American leader that the DPRK had no missiles capable of reaching the territory of the United States, and did not believe the reports of American intelligence, which claim the opposite. About this in an interview with television CBS said former deputy director of the FBI Andrew McCabe.

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"I do not care. I believe in Putin, "- according to McCabe, Trump reacted during a conversation with US intelligence about North Korean intercontinental missiles. McCabe himself was not at the meeting, but Trump's words were conveyed to him by a colleague who was present at the meeting.

“The President has faced several unrelated statements. One commented on recent missile launches by the North Korean government. In fact, the president said he didn’t believe the North Koreans could reach the United States with a ballistic attack. And he did not believe in such a possibility, because President Putin told him that North Korea does not have such missiles, ”a colleague told McCabe.

According to him, US intelligence officials tried to convince Trump of the opposite.

Intelligence officials told Trump that his argument “is not consistent with any of the intelligence reports and information that the government possesses,” McCabe said.

To which Trump replied: “I don't care. I believe Putin. ”

McCabe called such a reaction by the president "amazing."

“We spend so much time, effort and energy on the work of our intelligence community in obtaining information that is designed to help in making decisions. And to face absolute disbelief in these efforts and unwillingness to learn about the true state of affairs with which he has to deal every day was shocking, ”said McCabe.

Trump responded to the McCabe interview with Twitter posts, calling him a liar.

“Wow, so many lies from the disgraced Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe. He was fired for lying, and now his story is becoming even more insane ... ", - wrote Trump.

A few days ago, McCabe said that in May 2017, US Department of Justice officials were so concerned about Trump’s decision to dismiss James Komi from the position of FBI Director, that the possibility of applying the 25 Amendment to the Constitution and dismissing the President was discussed.

17 March 2018, ex-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, was fired several days before retirement. In the spring of the same year, Trump called him a liar and a thief after accusing him of Komi.

“The Justice Department just released the McCabe report - it's a complete disaster. He's lying! Lies! Lies! McCabe was completely controlled by Comey: McCabe is Comey! No conspiracy, everything was created by the nest of these thieves and rabble! ” - then Trump wrote on his Twitter.

However, the head of the White House also called Komi himself a liar.

Earlier, the UN special commission suspected North Korea of ​​continuing nuclear development. According to the report, Pyongyang continues to assemble and test ballistic missiles and use one of its nuclear centers.

Washington insists on the complete nuclear disarmament of North Korea. In the United States, it is believed that only after that can the abolition of numerous sanctions against the DPRK be considered. Pyongyang criticizes this position, considering the White House’s approach as one-sided.

In June, 2018, at the Singapore Summit, Donald Trump and DPRK leader Kim Jong-un signed a document according to which Pyongyang is obliged to conduct nuclear disarmament in response to US security assurances. However, later the media reported that Pyongyang continues nuclear development.

Note that February 27-28 in Vietnam should Trump meets North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. This meeting should bring the world closer to stopping the threat of the use of nuclear weapons by North Korea. At the same time, some experts believe that Trump may want to discuss the issue of long-range missiles developed in North Korea, which, being improved, can represent direct threat to the mainland USA.

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