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Quickly and for reasonable money: how to learn a promising quarantine profession in the USA from scratch

The COVID-19 pandemic and the quarantine caused by it have changed a lot in the economy, as well as in our perception of reality. If the coronavirus deprived you of work, or you yourself decided that you did not want to return to the old office and would like to do something related to helping people and maintaining their health, then this plan is easier to implement than it seems.

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In the United States, there are several medical specialties that do not require long training or work experience in this area. Everyone can master them from scratch - quickly and at any age.

High-quality teaching of promising medical specialties from scratch offers Institute of Career Continuity.

Combining the knowledge of the president of the company, which spent most of his career in medicine, and the head of training programs with over 35 years of experience in managing educational projects, Institute of Career Continuity created a unique approach to career planning, education and job support. The company has developed more than 20 licensed programs in New York that provide students with knowledge in the field of clinical and administrative medicine for further obtaining certificates and work in different regions of the United States.

Now, in connection with quarantine, most courses are held online, so you can get a specialty in the US labor market in just a few weeks and without leaving home.

Electrocardiogram Specialist (EKG Technician)

Duration of the course: 1 week of theory online, which makes it possible to pass an exam and get a certificate from the National Health Association + 1 week of practice after quarantine restrictions have ended.

What do you learn: such specialists work with equipment used to measure the patient’s heart performance. On the course you will learn all the intricacies of the work of electrocardiographs and the removal of electrocardiograms.

Average salary: electrocardiogram specialists earn an average of $ 49,5 thousand per year, but in some regions of the United States, the salary of experienced professionals can reach $ 70 thousand.

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Pharmacy Technician

Duration of the course: You can master the course program in just 7 weeks (with daily training for a full day), or you can speed up or extend the training for longer - depending on your personal schedule.

What do you learn: You will learn the rules for the sale and preparation of drugs in the United States, their compatibility, replacement options and the rules for coordinating such replacements with doctors.

Average salary: such specialists earn about $ 32 thousand a year, they are now very much in demand in the American labor market. According to forecasts, demand for them in the coming years will grow by 12%.

Blood Collection Specialist (Phlebotomy Technician)

Duration of the course: 1 week of theory online, which makes it possible to pass an exam and get certificate from the National Health Association + 1 week of practice after the end of quarantine restrictions.

What do you learn: Students will learn different techniques for collecting and preparing blood for laboratory tests, and will also learn the specifics of donor blood collection. In addition, they will be explained how to find an approach and establish trust in the patient, as many of them are afraid of the blood and the process of taking it.

Average salary: blood sampling specialists get an average of about $ 33. The demand for them is growing at an incredible pace and, according to forecasts, will increase by 24% in the coming years.

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Medical Billing and Coding Specialist (Medical Billing and Coding)

Duration of the course: With daily full-time training, in just a month (4 weeks) you can become a person connecting hospitals and insurance companies, which is an extremely important job in the American medical system.

What do you learn: such specialists work in hospitals, clinics and doctors' offices and are responsible for generating bills for medical services rendered. In the course, you will learn specialized medical classification software for assigning procedural and diagnostic codes when billing insurance companies.

Average salary: such specialists earn an average of more than $ 39 thousand per year; it is expected that demand for them will grow by 13% in the near future.

Electronic Health Records Specialist

Duration of the course: 7 weeks (with daily full-time training).

What do you learn: you will master the technology of creating and managing patient health databases in digital and printed form, ensure the quality, accuracy, accessibility and safety of this important documentation. Such databases are used by more than 95% of hospitals and more than 60% of medical offices in the USA.

Average salary: with an average earnings of $ 39 thousand a year, these specialists are always in demand in the US labor market, with a projected growth in demand of 13%.

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Medical Assistant (Clinical Medical Assistant)

Duration of the course: 14 weeks online + 3 weeks of practical skills in the ICC and 8 weeks of practice in a medical office or clinic.

What do you learn: medical assistants can perform both clinical and administrative functions, helping nurses and doctors in assessing the condition of patients, examinations, obtaining laboratory samples, performing electrocardiograms, advising patients about the treatment process and much more. With the necessary qualifications, medical assistants can also be assigned to perform important administrative tasks, such as billing and electronic medical records management.

Average salary: such specialists receive an average of 23 to 50 thousand dollars a year, depending on qualifications.

How to become a student

To register for courses in Institute of Career Continuity, you must provide an identity card (ID), school certificate or a diploma of higher education, as well as pass a special test for knowledge of English CELSA.

At the end of the course, students pass an exam, according to the results of which they will receive a certificate.

But after that the school will not leave them. Graduates will be helped to prepare a resume and will be consulted on how to behave in an interview so that the job search process is as fast and efficient as possible.

A special pride of the school is the textbooks that students receive for free. They collected all the best that is known in the field of teaching in a particular specialty. Textbooks were written by special consultants, and book content was certified by the New York State Department of Education.

Material prepared in partnership with

Institute of Career Continuity

Address: 17 Battery Place, Suite 636
New York, NY, 10004
Tel: 212-335-0711

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