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Card instead of check: IRS has changed the way financial aid is sent in connection with coronavirus

The U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) said they will start sending millions of financial aid payments for the coronavirus to Americans using prepaid debit cards instead of checks. Writes about it New York Post.

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Cards issued through IRS MetaBank financial partner will allow recipients to withdraw funds from ATMs within the network, make purchases and transfer funds to their bank accounts without any fees.

“The Treasury Department and the IRS are working at an unprecedented speed to disburse payments to American families. Prepaid cards are safe, easy to use, and allow us to get Americans their money quickly, ”said Steven Mnuchin, head of the Department of Finance. "Recipients can immediately activate and use the cards securely."

On the subject: $ 2400 per month extra: federal aid that many are unaware of

Prepaid cards can be used on the Internet, at ATMs or at retail stores accepting Visa. They also contain consumer protection against fraud.

The Treasury Department said it has already made over 140 million payments worth $ 239 billion.

MetaBank will send cards to recipients with instructions for their activation and use.

As ForumDaily wrote earlier:

  • Coronavirus Federal Payments will not be taxed.
  • If the government does not have your direct bank account number, some will wait for mailed checks by September.
  • According to the adopted package of financial assistance, there are categories of people who, despite the matching income level, will not receive assistance. Their list is here.
  • The topic of government support is actively used by scammers. The schemes used by them and ways to protect themselves from them - link.
  • April 15th IRS launches online tool, which will help you enter information about your account, track the payment and receive money as soon as possible. For details on how to use it, read here.
  • After the start of payments, many reported that when checking the status of payment online, they found that the money was sent to Incorrect accounts, including dead.
  • Most Americans will receive federal coronavirus government aid payments automatically, but there are several reasons why payment may be delayed.
  • On April 27, it became known that the IRS improved the tool for tracking payments in connection with the coronavirus: what changed.
  • What to do, if IRS Get My Payment tool sends error message: simple life hack.

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In the U.S. financial aid coronavirus Special Projects
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