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'It was wonderful': because of a snow storm, 60 people lived in a pub for three days, drank and had fun

Dozens of visitors to Britain's tallest pub spent three nights trapped by heavy snowfall brought by storm Arwen. But they did not despair, sang karaoke, played games and became true friends. Writes about it with the BBC.

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Guests were stuck at the Tan Hill Inn in the Yorkshire Dales on Friday, November 26, after going to a concert by the Oasis tribute band. And only, on Monday, November 29, they managed to get out, dig their cars out of the snow and leave the hotel, writes The Guardian.

They could not leave because the nearby roads became unusable, in part due to falling power cables.

Manager Nicola Townsend said everyone was in good spirits and that some did not want to leave.

Guests at the hotel, which sits 1732 feet (528 m) above sea level, were awakened on Saturday by about 3 feet (0,9 m) of snow rising up to their bedroom windows. Later, the snowdrifts reached a height of 3 meters.

A tunnel was dug in front of the pub's front door, but due to damage to the power cables, no one could leave, as they could be on the roads.

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Townsend said there were 61 of them. They all spent three nights there, and many, including members of the group, had to camp in the pub lounge.

She said that 40 people had pre-booked rooms, and the rest just came to the pub for a drink on Friday night.

She added: “Everyone is in a very good mood. Very friendly, just like a real family. Everything was amazing".

She said the staff put on events to keep people entertained, including a quiz and board games, and a karaoke night.

The manager added that rescuers overcame the snow to help one guest who needed medical attention for an illness.

One of the guests, Martin Overton, said the atmosphere was "very good with a lot of beer available."

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His wife Stephanie added: “I am very excited about being stranded, it’s quite interesting, but we miss our son who is with his grandmother. I wonder how long we will be here. "

After all the adventures have ended, the guests even think about getting together like this every year and talked about making a film about them.

In North Yorkshire, the effects of severe weather continued to wreak havoc.

Dozens of power outages have occurred, leaving hundreds of residents without electricity, and most trains between York and Scotland have been canceled.

North Yorkshire County Council said staff, along with emergency and utilities, continued to work together to cope with the aftermath of the storm.

The spokesman said the services are conducting checks on people who may need additional assistance, especially in areas affected by power outages.

This is neither the first nor the longest snowfall at the Tan Hall Inn. In 2013, for five days, employees and four guests were stuck here after huge snowdrifts blocked the road.

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