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A bottle with traces of poison: a new version of Navalny's poisoning has appeared

The Proekt newspaper and Alexei Navalny's associates put forward a version that the politician could have been poisoned by Novichok even before his trip to the Tomsk airport. According to their information, traces of poison were found on a bottle of water, which FBK employees found in a hotel room in Tomsk and handed over to Berlin doctors, writes Air force.

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What Proekt and FBK reported

According to the investigation published by Project, Navalny drank water from a plastic bottle on which Novichok was later found in the Tomsk hotel Xander.

When Navalny's associates, who remained in Tomsk, learned that the plane with the politician had made an emergency landing in Omsk, they immediately returned to the room to collect possible evidence.

“Time allowed us to do this, because Navalny's room had not yet been given to new tenants, and cleaning at the hotel slowly begins just after 10-11 hours,” writes Proekt. - As a result, several items were taken from there that Navalny could have used that morning. Among them - a drunk bottle of water of the "Holy Spring" brand.

These items, as the "Project" managed to find out, were brought to Berlin and handed over to doctors by one of the employees of the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) Maria Pevchikh - the one whom the Russian investigation called evading testimony.

“Since the beginning of September, Pevchikh has generally become the main target of attacks in the media and telegram channels associated with the Russian authorities: she was accused of having an intimate relationship with Navalny and that it was she who could poison him. Now, after the situation with the bottle has been clarified, this attack is easy to explain: in fact, it was the Singers' march across the border that made it possible to prove that Navalny was poisoned by Novichok, the newspaper concludes.

Simultaneously with the publication of the "Project" in Instagram of Navalny himself, a post appeared, which also tells about the collection of evidence in a hotel room and concludes: the politician was not poisoned at the airport or plane.

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Откуда взялась злосчастная бутылка? Давайте объясним, откуда взялось то, про что нам непрерывно задают вопросы. Так называемая "бутылка с« Новичком »" ну, а точнее, обычная пластиковая бутылка из-под воды, на которой потом в немецкой лаборатории обнаружили следы боевого отравляющего вещества. Это бутылка из номера в томской гостинице, где останавливался сам Навальный и вся наша съемочня. Перенесемся обратно в 20 августа. В этот день часть нашей команды улетела в Москву, часть осталась в Томске доделывать видео. В полете Алексей потерял сознание и начал задыхаться, самолёт экстренно сел. Почти сразу сотрудники ФБК, которые остались в Томске, узнали о случившемся. В этот момент была сделана единственно возможная вещь. Они В том числе, и бутылки из-под гостиничной воды. Как это происходило, вы можете посмотреть на этом видео. Никакой особой надежды что-то такое обнаружить не было. Но поскольку нам было абсолютно ясно, что Навальный не "слегка заболел" не "перегрелся" и Рафаэлкой здесь не поможешь, было решено забрать все, что может хоть как-то гипотетически пригодиться, и передать это врачам в Германии. То, что дело расследовать в России не будут, тоже было достаточно очевидно. Так и вышло: прошел почти месяц, Россия так и не признала отравление Алексея. Спустя две недели именно на бутылке из томского номера немецкая лаборатория обнаружила следы «Нледы« Н. А потом еще две лаборатории, которые брали анализы у Алексея, подтвердили, что Навальный был отрел. Теперь мы понимаем: это было сделано до того, как он покинул свой номер, чтобы поехать в аэропор. Сегодня в 20.00 в передаче «Россия Будущего» на ютюб-канале Навальный LIVE Георгий Албуров @alburov рисскажросскаж.

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“Two weeks later, it was on the bottle from the Tomsk issue that the German laboratory found traces of Novichok. And then two more laboratories that took tests from Alexei confirmed that Navalny was poisoned with him. Now we understand: this [poisoning] was done before he left his room to go to the airport, ”Navalny's associates said.

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The first mention of the bottle

The German magazine Der Spiegel reported on September 4 for the first time that traces of a substance from the Novichok group were found not only in the blood, urine and skin of Navalny, but also on the bottle he drank from.

The publication of the publication said that the container was saved and handed over to Berlin doctors by Navalny's relatives, and traces of the poisonous substance could be on the bottle, since the politician drank from it already being poisoned.

On September 9, the newspaper Die Zeit also wrote that the experts found traces of Novichok on Navalny's hands and on the neck of the bottle from which he drank water.

Prior to that, Navalny's associates suggested that the politician could have poisoned the tea he drank in a coffee shop at the Tomsk airport. As the press secretary of Navalny Kira Yarmysh, who accompanied him on the trip, noted, he did not have breakfast at the hotel in the morning and felt good.

Der Spiegel is one of the main sources of information about Navalny's treatment in Berlin. The magazine, in particular, reported that the Charite clinic turned to the laboratory of the FRG army for help with the study of Navalny's analyzes.

The fact that the conclusion about the poisoning of the Russian oppositionist by Novichok was made by the specialists of the Bundeswehr laboratory was later officially announced by the German authorities.

In another article Der Spiegel (dated September 11), it was reported that the German authorities had come to the conclusion that the people who attempted to assassinate Navalny were counting on the fact that he would die on the plane. The life of the oppositionist was saved only thanks to the quick reaction of the pilots who made the decision to urgently land in Omsk, and the doctors who injected him with atropine, the newspaper noted.

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The Russian side insists that in the analyzes that were taken from Navalny in the Omsk hospital, no traces of any toxic substances were found, therefore there are no grounds for initiating a criminal case.

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poisoning Bulk Alexey Navalny Our people

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