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Burger King is giving away free sandwiches and desserts in honor of its birthday

In honor of his 70th birthday Burger King is offering birthday cake and free food to its customers.

exterior architecture of a Burger King restaurant in Leicester Square, London, UK. It is night time and the restaurant is illuminated and customers are eating their food inside

Photo: iStock.com/coldsnowstorm

Burger King invites you to celebrate your birthday with a brand new dessert - a slice of birthday pie. New Birthday Pie Slice available for a limited time at participating restaurants countrywide.

The new pie comes with a creamy filling in a cookie crumb crust. It's topped with rainbow sprinkles, sponge pieces and whipped cream. The action began on May 16.

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Burger King is best known for its hamburgers, which they have been grilling since 1954.

Promotion with free dishes for fans of the company began with National Hamburger Day on May 28th. Currently, Burger King loyalty program members can enjoy a full week of Royal Perks offers with any purchase of $0,70 or more on the Burger King app and online.

Promotional offers

  • Wednesday, May 29: Enjoy a free Croissan'wich with any purchase of $0,70 or more.
  • Thursday, May 30: Receive a free medium soft drink with any purchase of $0,70 or more.
  • Friday, May 31st: Enjoy a delicious free Grilled Cheeseburger with any purchase of $0,70 or more.
  • Saturday, June 1st: The day Burger King officially turns 70 years old! Celebrate with the brand with a free slice of birthday cake when you spend $0,70 or more.
  • Sunday, June 2: Get a free Original Crispy Chicken Sandwich with any purchase of $0,70 or more.
  • Monday, June 3: Get a free Whopper Jr. with a purchase of $0,70 or more.

"Since 1954, Burger King has prided itself on two things - grilling and giving guests the ability to 'do it your way,'" said Pat O'Toole, chief marketing officer, Burger King North America.

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Here Find a restaurant near you and find out more about the birthday slice and week of specials available to Royal Perks members.

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Burger King Educational program
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