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Boston Marathon runs with heightened security

About 30 thousands of people registered to participate in the Boston Marathon, which takes place on Monday morning. To cheer the participants, tens of thousands of spectators lined the streets of Boston, a city in Massachusetts, where one of the world's oldest annual marathons originated.

“For us, the key principle is that the Boston Marathon is an international sporting event focused on competitiveness and skill,” said Tom Grilk, executive director of the Boston Athletic Association, last week. - It all starts with this, every time. Including last year. ”

Last year's marathon was the first after the attack. A year earlier, 15 on April 2013, the brothers Tamerlane and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev blew up two makeshift bombs made from pressure cookers at the finish line in Kopley Square when the first wave of runners completed the distance. As a result of the explosions, three people were killed, another 264 was injured.

A few days later, the eldest of the brothers, 26-year-old Tamerlane, was killed in a shootout with the police. The youngest, Johar, who was then 19, was captured in a suburb of Boston as a result of a large-scale police operation.

Earlier this month, a jury convicted him on all 30 bombing charges. On Tuesday, he must again appear before a federal judge, and, as expected, the prosecution will demand the death penalty for him.

“What happened in the 2013 year was probably the most bitter part of our history, but still part of our history,” said the marathon organizer Grilk. “The continuation of this story will be written by people who come, run, observe, participate in the marathon in all possible ways.”

The marathon will be held in conditions of heightened security measures, Boston Police Commissioner William Evans told the Boston Globe newspaper last week. He explained that this, in particular, is about blocking streets, intensified inspections at checkpoints, and using dogs trained to search for explosives along the route. Backpacks, bags and portable refrigerators will be screened, he added.

Additional security measures are also being taken in the area of ​​the Fenway Park stadium, where the Boston Red Sox baseball team is holding its home games. The traditional match on the day of the marathon began at 11 in the morning.

Last year, Meb Keflesigi became the first American since 1983 of the year to win the men's Boston Marathon. In recent years, runners from Africa have dominated the male part of the marathon.

Weather conditions at the marathon can hardly be called favorable. Previously, weather forecasters predicted rain, wind and air temperature around 10 degrees Celsius.

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