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More than half of Americans would fail the citizenship test offered to immigrants

Most US eligible voters failed a civil law test that mimics a mandatory US citizenship test that immigrants takeapplying for naturalization... The edition told in more detail National Review.

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Only 42% of respondents received a passing score in the survey. Moreover, those who claim that they do not depend on party affiliation make up the majority. Republicans, 44% of whom passed the test, slightly outperformed Democrats, of whom only 35% passed.

The survey, consisting of 20 questions, was based on A 128-question guide published by US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)recommended for potential citizens.

While the real citizenship test is conducted orally, requiring verbal responses, the survey was conducted virtually in a multiple choice format with no time limit.

This test consists of ten questions, six of which must be answered correctly (60%). The survey had 20 questions, of which 12 had to be completed (also 60%).

Cesar Melgosa, creator of the survey and founder of Moxy, said his version should in theory be simpler than the official test. After all, participants have a better chance of successfully passing it, they have no time limit, they have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with external materials (although this is clearly not recommended to protect the integrity of the results) and there is no pressure from the USCIS officer.

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However, despite the flexibility of the test, the majority of respondents failed, demonstrating that many Americans, if they applied today, probably would not be eligible for obtaining US citizenship.

The sample size of the survey, which included 1033 participants, took into account geographic diversity but did not take into account age, as it was open to all eligible voters aged 18 and over.

Cesar noted that Independents have outperformed both Republicans and Democrats, which suggests an interesting phenomenon. After all, they can give their votes to those who they like best, and this is quite difficult to predict.

César said, among other things, that the results of the survey are cause for concern about the priority of civic education, or lack thereof. Most Americans are expected to have a basic knowledge of civil law and how the US government operates, but Cesar's research shows that immigrants may be better informed in these areas than locals.

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American civic education has been hotly debated in recent months with the introduction of anti-racism theory (CRT) in American classrooms. Republican Steve Toth in Texas spearheaded a bill to reduce CRT indoctrination in school curricula, including by banning the teaching of the infamous Project 1619 (to mark the 400th anniversary of US slavery).

Steve said American civil illiteracy became an obvious problem for him when he volunteered to teach the subject. immigrants preparing for the citizenship exam... He confirmed that the vast majority passed the exam on the first try, but still Steve is somewhat disappointed, because a significant part of American students cannot pass the same exam.

“This is a completely ignored subject area. Are they expecting a responsible vote from us? During the electoral period, we hear “vote” everywhere, but no one says “vote smart,” said Cesar. "Many people don't trust their government, but what do they know about the laws of the country?"

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