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No more traffic jams: in China, they created a car on which you can fly away if you are caught in a traffic jam

The Chinese company Aeroht has developed and is testing a flying car. The first training flight was in the UAE back in October, the second one was recently in Guangzhou (China). If everything continues to develop well, the company plans to launch mass production. The publication shared the details

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Flying cars have been a hot topic for decades. But if earlier this was only the fantasy of science fiction writers, now the industry has begun to develop, and competition is growing.

And although investors are in no hurry to invest in such developments, they even expect that many companies working with these technologies will abandon their plans, this does not prevent enthusiasts from continuing their work. Experts also believe that the activation of this market segment will occur only in 10-15 years.

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While the new development is not designed to fly on it all the time. Up to 90% of the time it can be used like a regular car. And only if the driver gets into a traffic jam or there is some serious obstacle in his way, he will be able to use the flight function. While there are no details of the technology itself, therefore, how the management is carried out is unknown.

Of the features of the configuration, one can note the presence of four electric motors and eight propellers that lift the car into the air.

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The company hopes that mass production will be launched as early as 2025. Previously, such a car will cost $140.

Aeroht has been around since 2013 and is considered a start-up. She was once supported by a billionaire and director of the electric car company Xpeng Inc. He Xiaopen. Together with other investors, he believes that the inventors will overcome the obstacles in the near future. If they manage to popularize a new mode of transportation, they can create a separate market niche worth $1 trillion.

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