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No longer a tourist: 4 valuable advice for moving to another country

For such a radical change in life, it will not work to prepare for all 100%. But you can facilitate your adaptation in a new country. About your experience Life hacker said Vesta Zvyozdochkina, who moved abroad several years ago.

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When three years ago I received a visa to Canada for permanent residence, there was a feeling that I just knocked the soil out under my feet. What a joy there, a real panic swept over me. I told people around that everything was going according to plan, but in fact it was hard for me even to have the courage to go to the embassy for my passport. However, recovering from the first shock, I eagerly began to study forums and Canadian sites - everything in order to prepare myself as much as possible and protect from all sorts of troubles. But, friends, I’ll tell you this: moving is not a tourist trip, and most likely it will not go as smoothly as you would like.

Personally, I read a lot of articles on the topic "what you need to know about moving to another country", and these are really good articles urging you not to forget medicines and warm clothes. But keep in mind that they do not soften the blow from such cardinal changes in life.

Imagine that will be difficult. Very difficult. So, in fact, it will be more difficult for you than you imagine. Therefore, as a person who has gone through all the difficulties of immigration, I want to share with you life hacks that will help to cope with the first months of life in a new country.

1. Don't be a tourist

You came here to live, not to rest. You will have time to see the sights, try the goodies, take a walk, get comfortable and relax, after all, now you have a whole new life for it. Now you need to establish a normal course of life as soon as possible, namely find housing, get a SIM card, social security number, bank account, get a language course, understand where shops, kindergartens, the metro and everything else are located amounts to the everyday life of an ordinary person.

I know that after a long and tiring journey, stress at the border and many weeks of concentrated gatherings, I want to treat myself, but this final breakthrough is simply necessary for successful adaptation in a new place.

Here I can add specifically about Canada and Montreal in particular: most likely it will not work to rent a house in advance. Apartments with rare exceptions are rented from the first day of each month, so it’s better to plan a move, respectively, in the middle or end of the month, so you can save on a hotel or accommodation with Airbnb.

I don’t know what this is connected with, but in Montreal 1 July is a city-wide day of moving. On this day, a significant part of the city is removed from its homes and moves to new apartments. The largest number of offers on the real estate market appears from May-June.

2. Be prepared for "illogical" prices

I’ve traveled a lot from Moscow in my life, so I’m used to high prices. However, this did not save me from price shock. It is difficult, sitting at home in front of a laptop, to sort out what time the average monthly cost of living at the other end of the world will go. It seemed to me that after studying (albeit superficially) the prices of the metro, gasoline, tomatoes, etc. I more or less understood what it would cost. Nevertheless, you can’t calculate everything, especially when you always translate prices from foreign currency into rubles.

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Metro prices (higher than Moscow, but generally adequate) did not prepare me for the fact that regular shampoo of the same brand in Montreal would be five times more expensive, normal bread would cost 2 – 3 of our packs of milk but strawberries in winter - like Rostov apples in summer.

And do not say that Canada is simply an expensive country in itself, this is understandable. Rather, it is in our understanding that how much "should" cost in relation to other goods.

When the picture does not match, it becomes extremely difficult to keep track of your budget, which is already undergoing strong blows.

I am a thrifty man to disgrace, my financial discipline even borders on stinginess, but nevertheless it turned out to be painful to rebuild, and it took time.

3. Do not worry if you are disappointed in something. It's temporary

Perhaps the very first morning will be overshadowed by a vile thought that undermines the brain: “I made a mistake. I want to go home". Perhaps this will happen in a week or two, when the feeling of a tourist (which will still be present to one degree or another) unexpectedly recedes and the first realization that you are not returning home will strike you, at least in the foreseeable future.

One way or another, this thought is guaranteed to visit you and, most likely, will sit in your head for a while. It is very important not to fall into apathy, not to succumb to fears that will creep out of the dark corners and begin to torment you with renewed vigor, but to maintain good spirits and understand: this is normal, all immigrants go through it.

Something will surely unsettle you when you think with irritation: “But here in Moscow it is different!”

When I arrived at the immigration center, a social worker, seeing my extinct look, took out a graph of the visitors' mood in the form of a long sinusoid and said: “Now it’s hard for you, you no longer feel the holiday from a new exciting trip. You are tired, you feel lonely and want to go home. You do not understand how to act in these new conditions. However, this will pass for you, as it does for everyone who sat in this chair before you. And then you will understand that moving to Canada was the best decision in your life. " And you know, this woman did not deceive me.

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4. Do not redo yourself

Looking through the many travel blogs, I came across the same advice more often than others. Its essence was to be open, make as many friends as possible, communicate with the locals to the maximum, even make some contacts in advance on the Internet.

If this suits you, you, of course, greatly simplify your life. But what do introverts, incredulous people and those who are accustomed to rely solely on their own judgments do? Being just such a person, I declare with confidence: do not redo yourself!

Moving is already a huge stress, you don’t need to “force” yourself into new acquaintances, if you do not feel the need for them.

Believe me, you yourself can figure out everything without the opinions and judgments of the local people. If you are a loner in life, do not sacrifice your comfort in order to find a socially necessary circle of acquaintances as soon as possible. It will appear over time. Or will not appear, that's how you decide. As a practical person, I believe that relying on everything is primarily on yourself. It’s so convenient for me, I already missed a lot through myself and made up my own opinion about everything that is happening here.

Let me give you an interesting story illustrating what I am discussing here. About a month before arriving in Montreal, I met on the Russian forum a very nice woman who was imbued with me (as it seemed to me), advised a lot of things, and even invited her to stay with her for the first few months absolutely free. Since we talked quite a lot, I had no reason not to trust her. Upon my arrival and the call, the lady was busy - both on the first and on the following days.

This experience, although not the worst, still turned out to be rather unpleasant, especially in a stressful situation. And the essence of this story is not to show what kind of people are unreliable (I fully admit that a person’s circumstances have really changed), but to summarize my thought: if you easily converge with people, go ahead, this is your undeniable talent that just need to use. If you are used to cope with everything yourself, you do not need to worry about this. Do as you like.

In conclusion, I want to wish everyone and everyone great courage on the way to their dreams. A new country is an amazing world in which there are lots of pleasant surprises, new goals, stories and adventures. And if you decide on such a brave step, do not turn off the intended route. This is an invaluable experience that you will certainly be proud of!

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