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More than 99% of people who died from coronavirus in Italy had other diseases

According to a study by the Italian Ministry of Health, more than 99% of people who died from coronavirus in this country suffered from other serious diseases. Writes about it Bloomberg.

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After the number of deaths from this virus in the country exceeded 2500, and in mid-March their number increased by 150%, health authorities analyze the data to identify trends that will help fight the spread of the disease.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte plans to extend the nationwide quarantine. Italy has over 35 confirmed cases.

A new study may give an idea of ​​why mortality in Italy, which is about 8% of the total number of infected, is higher than in other countries.

The Rome Institute studied medical records of 18% of coronavirus deaths in the country and found that only three victims, or 0,8% of the total, had no pathologies before the disease. Almost half of the dead suffered from at least three diseases, and about a quarter had one or two diseases.

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Over 75% had high blood pressure, about 35% had diabetes, and a third suffered from heart disease.

The average age of virus deaths in Italy is 79,5 years. As of March 17, 17 people under the age of 50 died from this disease. In Italy, all victims under the age of 40 were men with serious illnesses.

Data released on Tuesday, March 17, indicate a slowdown in the number of cases by 12,6%. A separate study shows that Italy can underestimate the real number of cases by checking only patients with symptoms.

According to the GIMBE fund, about 100 Italians actually got the virus. This means that the mortality rate in the country will approach the global average of about 000%, if we take into account asymptomatic cases.

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  • March 13, Trump introduced a nationwide emergency regime in the US due to coronavirus.
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