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Flea Market and Coronavirus Expo: How to Spend a Weekend in Los Angeles (September 25-27)

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What: Interesting Astronomy Online Course

When: Friday-Sunday, September 25-27

Where: Online

More: Video lessons of entertaining astronomy will delight not only schoolchildren, but also their teachers.

Astronomy Online Coursemade in the form of a separate video course will increase, and in some cases instill an interest in astronomy.

Cost: Free options

What: Virtual exhibition on coronavirus

When: Friday-Sunday, September 25-27

Where: Online

More: The works at the exhibition are windows at a certain time, recordings of material and non-material events and experiences during a pandemic. As we continue to celebrate birthdays and special occasions, walk our dogs, and try to follow a routine in this new norm, we are looking at a day when we can again stand freely holding hands and without masks.

Cost: From $ 0

What: Course “Why viruses are so important for evolution”

When: Friday-Sunday, September 25-27

Where: Online

More: Viruses have been accompanying all groups of living things since the time of the first organisms on Earth. They can be dangerous pathogens or useful symbionts, but we must not forget that viruses are also one of the most important factors in evolution. On the this course You will learn how viruses increase the genetic diversity of all living organisms and why they are so important in evolution.

Cost: Free options

What: Online screening and discussion of the film "To the Stars"

Photo: Shutterstock

When: Friday, 25 of September, with 18: 45

Where: Online

More: Near future. Major Roy McBride is an astronaut who has a great record with NASA. He is known for the ability to completely control his emotions: McBride's pulse never exceeds 80 beats per minute. At this time, the Earth and other planets of the solar system are in danger - strange emissions of high energy, presumably antimatter, called "impulse" in the press. The ejection destroys the antenna on the Earth's surface, but at the same time reaching the upper boundaries of the atmosphere, an antenna for searching for extraterrestrial life, which almost leads to the death of McBride.

The leaders of NASA and the US space forces associate this mysterious activity with McBride's father Clifford, who was presumed dead 16 years ago on a research mission headed to the edge of the solar system. But it turns out that Clifford McBride did not die: his mission - Project Lima - was deeply classified. An alarm signal was received from the project ship, and soon flashes of that very impulse began.

Cost: $ 7-15

What: How nanoobjects are changing the world of technology

When: Friday-Sunday, September 25-27

Where: Online

More: On the this course you will learn about the unique properties of nanoobjects, the creation of new materials and light control, environmentally friendly technologies, devices for the study of single atoms and molecular electronics, the properties of nanostructures, advanced electron microscopes and flexible electronics, as well as the properties of graphene, new types of liquid crystal displays and digital electronics.

Cost: Free options

What: Car cinema / "Armageddon"

When: Saturday, September 26, from 19: 15

Where: Glendale Sears Parking Lot 211 West California Avenue Glendale, CA 91203

More: Earth gets hit by a meteor shower - from Finland to the West Coast of the United States, the territory is subject to massive meteor fire. As a result of the shelling the shuttle Atlantis explodes, part of New York is destroyed. Initially, NASA and NORAD believe it was a terrorist attack, but soon an amateur astronomer serving in the US Navy discovers that a giant asteroid the size of Texas is approaching Earth. Will it be possible to save humanity?

Cost: $ 23-27

What: Scientific Thinking Course

When: Friday-Sunday, September 25-27

Where: Online

More: This course - about scientific, rational thinking in the broadest sense. You will learn to build logical conclusions, conduct discussions, expose pseudoscience and pseudological manipulations. Learn how to conduct research - not only in “big” science, but also in everyday matters and typical work tasks. Also discuss our civilization, built on technology and reason, and learn how ideas of rationality have transformed the world and transformed themselves under its influence.

Cost: Free options

What: Car cinema / "La la land"

When: Saturday, September 26, from 19: 30

Where: Gardena Cinema 14948 Crenshaw Boulevard Gardena, CA 90249

More: In a traffic jam on the Los Angeles freeway, a fleeting conflict ensues between Mia Dolan, an aspiring actress, and Sebastian Wilder, an ambitious jazz pianist. After a bad day at work, Mia's subsequent audition also goes to waste when, in the middle of an emotional scene, the casting director answers the call. In the evening of the same day, the housemates invite Mia to a lavish party in Hollywood Hills in order to cheer up the girl.

While working at the restaurant, Sebastian begins to improvise, enthusiastically performing jazz music on the piano, playing only traditional Christmas songs against the owner's instructions. Mia, walking by the restaurant, accidentally hears music. After reacting, the girl enters the establishment, but Sebastian has already been fired. The musician goes to the exit in anger, Mia tries to compliment him, but he, not listening to her, pushes her friend away. How will the story of two so different, then so similar young people end.

Cost: $ 25

What: Vintage flea market

Photo: Shutterstock

When: Sunday, September 27, with 09: 00

Where: Santa Monica Airport Antique Market, Airport Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90405

More: This flea market offers visitors an impressive selection of vintage collectibles and apparel, antiques, jewelry, records and more. Guests can also enjoy treats and music.

A mandatory requirement is social distancing and face masks.

Cost: Free options

What: Virtual tour of the botanical garden

When: Sunday, September 27, with 11: 30

Where: Online

More: Participants will not only be able to admire the luxury of the variety of flowers and savor their scent, but also delve deeper into the history, biology and cultural significance of some of Los Angeles's most beloved and best-known plants. Many of their species are well known to the residents of California - some were brought in with the aim of influencing the ecosystem of the city, while others just fit well into the landscape.

Cost: $ 0-25

Dear readers! Please note that due to the epidemic of coronavirus infection, some activities may be canceled or rescheduled for other dates. Therefore, before visiting, we recommend checking the information on the sites of the organizers.

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