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Russian businessman asked US Congress to put Yandex on sanctions list

According to the businessman, “Yandex” promotes the dissemination of false, slanderous information against citizens, discrediting their honor and dignity, undermining their business reputation.

Photo: RIA Novosti

Entrepreneur Yuri Mosha asked the US Congress to add the search engine Yandex to the list of Russian companies subject to financial sanctions. The entrepreneur himself reported this Layfu.

In his letter, he drew the attention of senators to the fact that the company's behavior harms not only him, but also threatens the well-being of millions of citizens who can be blackmailed with impunity, just like Yuri Mosh himself.

Recall that the entrepreneur began to fight with the search engine after Yandex refused to remove from the issuance of links, which contained inaccurate, compromising information about him.

In particular, articles posted on one-day sites of the same type contained personal insults and false accusations against me and my family. “A letter came to the post office where $ 20 000 was demanded for deleting these texts,” the entrepreneur told Life.

Recall that Yuri Mosha was forced to leave Russia in 2011 year because of the harassment, which was organized against the entrepreneur and his business.

As the courts later established, all the charges against the businessman were false. Yuri did not pay the scammers, but turned to search engines with a request not to index this content. Google, realizing that the dissemination of such information was illegal, did just that. And Yandex refused to cooperate and offered the entrepreneur to sue the owners of these sites and demand the removal of links from the network through the courts.

Photo: OK / Yuri Mosha

It is worth noting that, in addition to slander, spam sites posted without any approval of photographs and videos that are the intellectual property of Yuri Moshi and belong to his personal data.

As part of resolving this situation, Yuri Mosha went to court with a claim against Yandex itself, and then personally against its general manager Arkady Volozh. The first lawsuit is now in the Federal District Court for the Southern District of New York (Case 1: 18-cv-05444-ER, heard by Judge Ramos). The entrepreneur demands from the search engine to remove the discrediting information and pay $ 100 thousand in compensation.

The second lawsuit is for cyberbullying (according to Yuri Moshi, it will be filed with Arkady Volozh this week). The amount of the claim, according to the entrepreneur, will be $ 50 th.

According to the entrepreneur, the search engine, refusing to satisfy his request, consciously made himself an accomplice of fraud - and therefore, must answer for it according to the law.

He also believes that Yandex is a biased source and does not objectively reflect information about various political and social events. In particular, he deliberately ignores messages about protests in Russia and does not publish articles on anti-corruption rallies and mass arrests in the top news. According to the entrepreneur, Alexei Navalny and his associates are subjected to such information discrimination by the search engine.

The above facts indicate that Yandex promotes the dissemination of false, slanderous information against citizens, discrediting their honor and dignity, undermining their business reputation and unreasonably accusing them of committing crimes, stimulating the active activity of extortionists and cyber-blackmailers, thereby contributing to their commission of cybercrimes , bullying, cyberbullying, insults and discrimination on the Internet, - Yuri Mosha writes in his address to the US Congress.

He also told Life that he is positive about the prospects for Yandex's inclusion in the sanctions list.

I will push through congressmen, personally write to everyone and go around those who are in New York, I have personal contacts, ”Yuri Mosha told Life.

Yandex representatives did not respond to Life's request.

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