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Unemployed New Yorkers can get more than $ 4 thousand benefits: what you need to know

Who is eligible for unemployment benefits? What to do for those who continue to work, but earn less? How to apply? The answers to these and other questions that interest many New Yorkers are presented in this publication. Information has been published. on the site seiu32bj.

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Who is eligible for unemployment benefits?

Every New Yorker who has lost his job can count on unemployment benefits. Also help can be received by workers whose working hours were reduced through no fault of their own.

What is the size of the allowance?

The total amount of unemployment benefits in New York can be up to $ 4400 per month.

From the state. The amount paid at the state level depends on the individual's earnings. For example, if last year you earned $ 52, then the amount of your weekly benefit will be the maximum - about $ 504.

To find out exactly what kind of payment you can claim, use the calculator.

Federal payments. Additionally, federal payments of $ 600 per week are provided. These funds can be received by anyone who receives state unemployment benefits. You do not need to submit a separate application for this.

This means that if your weekly state allowance is $ 400, then with the federal allowance, the payout amount will be $ 1.

Federal benefits can also be received by those who are not eligible for state benefits.

Part-time allowance

If you work part-time, you are also entitled to receive partial benefits, provided that you earn less than $ 504 per week and work less than four days a week.

If you work four days a week (even if it is less than what you usually work), you are still considered working full time.

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If you use paid leave (PTO) to cover your holidays, you will not be eligible for unemployment benefits until these days are exhausted.

For example, if your hours are reduced to two days a week, but you use PTO to cover two days, you will be considered an employee who gets paid four days a week. In this case, you will not be eligible for benefits for this week.

What can prevent getting benefits?

If you use a paid holiday to continue to receive payment after your last official business day, you are not eligible for benefits until these days are exhausted.

However, if you receive a lump-sum payment for unused days of leave after leaving, then immediately get the right to receive benefits.

How long can I get unemployment benefits?

Under New York State law, you can receive benefits for 26 weeks. According to the federal bill, this period was extended to 39 weeks.

If you only receive payment due to partial unemployment - that is, you are still working part-time - the benefit will be paid to you for a longer period. It depends on the length of time it takes for you to receive the total amount of money that you will receive in 39 weeks.

However, the $ 600 federal payments will not be made for all 39 weeks - these payments are only due until July 31, 2020. It is possible that this deadline will be extended, but this has not yet been proposed at either the federal or state levels.

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