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Road Safety: Who Are Drivers Most Frequently Crushed in the US

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported that road traffic crashes in the US are dropping for the second year in a row.

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It explains the 2,4% reduction by the technology of new cars that can prevent accidents. Last year, a total of 36 560 people died on the country's roads.

The agency said the downward trend continues for the second year in a row. According to estimates of the first half of the year, mortality decreased by 3,4%.

“This is encouraging news, but too many have died or been injured and almost all accidents are preventable, so much work remains to be done to make America's roads safer for everyone,” said Transport Minister Elaine Chao.

The fall in mortality and injuries on the road occurred after two years of sharp growth. The reason for this is people who, due to the improvement of the economy, began to drive more and more often.

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Despite the overall mortality on the road, the death toll of cyclists and people on other pedal vehicles increased by 6,3%.

The number of fatalities in accidents with large trucks increased by a little less than 1%.

The agency reported 6 283 pedestrian deaths, which is the highest in 28 years, according to Consumer Reports. Since 2009, mortality among pedestrians has been reported to increase by approximately 53% from 2009.

Mortality on the road from alcohol and drug use decreased by 3,6% in 2018 year, while mortality due to speeding decreased by 5,7%. The agency reports that motorcycle deaths have declined by 4,7%.

Most pedestrian deaths (76%) and half the deaths of cyclists occurred after dark.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said it is considering an increase in SUVs as a factor in increasing mortality. Landing on SUVs is higher than on conventional cars, making it harder for drivers to see pedestrians and cyclists.

The Office will consider introducing new technologies such as pedestrian detection systems.

The agency said the number of deaths due to driver distraction in 2018 reached 2 841, or 7,8% of the total death toll on the road. The 2018 indicator of the year compared to the 2017-m decreased by 12,4%.

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