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Without food and water: Delta flight from New York to Miami was delayed by 8 hours, passengers started a fight

Delta Airlines delayed flights from New York to Miami for 8 hours. Because of a fight among passengers, the police at John F. Kennedy Airport had to intervene. Writes about it Fox News.

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One of the passengers, Juan Andres Ahmad, wrote on Twitter that the pilot “had no idea” where the crew was, and while the passengers were waiting for 8 hours, they were not given any food or water.

“It got out of control - the verbal skirmish turned into the physical,” Ahmad wrote. - The police are on the plane! Complete chaos! I understand that the delay was due to the weather, and we all want to be safe, but it's not about the weather, but about how Delta handled the situation. "

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Delta stated that passengers voluntarily left the plane, which eventually flew to Miami around 23: 00, eight hours after the schedule.

“The 2385 Delta service flight from JFK to Miami was delayed due to weather in Miami and New York,” said a Delta spokesman. “The customers were offered both water and snacks when they were outside the plane, and they were also offered the opportunity to take the bus back to the terminal, as the plane stayed at a remote site for a long time.”

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