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Walmart May Pay for Your Thanksgiving Dinner: What You Need to Know

More than a third of Americans say they will spend less on Thanksgiving this year. Walmart has decided to launch a program to help some Americans stretch their budgets. According to the offer, you are encouraged to get your money back for staples for Thanksgiving such as turkey, green beans, and other traditional goods. The edition told in more detail CNBC.

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Ibotta is partnering with Walmart and brands such as Campbell's, Butterball and Coca-Cola to launch a program that aims to provide free Thanksgiving dinners to at least 1 million American families this year.

The shopping app, which has been downloaded over 40 million times, offers users a 100% refund on nine staples for their Thanksgiving dinner, including over 200 varieties of Butterball and whole poultry roasted meats when purchased from Walmart or through the delivery services of the retailer.

Here is a complete list of the products on offer:

  • Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup (10,5 oz can)
  • 2 liter bottle of Coca-Cola
  • all varieties of roasted turkey for 3 lb Butterball or $ 9,98 cashback for all whole Butterball turkeys
  • McCormick turkey dressing (0,87 oz. pack)
  • French crispy onions (2,8 oz pack)
  • Idahoan Instant Mashed Potatoes (8 oz pack)
  • Great Value filling (6 oz pack)
  • Great Value cranberry sauce (14 oz can)
  • Frozen Great Value Green Beans (12 oz. bag)

The program will officially launch at Walmart and the Ibotta app on Sunday, November 1st.

“This is a really tough year for a lot of people,” said Brian Leach, CEO and founder of Ibotta. "Americans are grappling with renewed COVID-19 cases and the country is caught up in incredibly fierce and divisive elections."

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To take advantage of the holiday cashback offer, new users need to download the Ibotta app, unlock the offer, and purchase Thanksgiving merchandise at Walmart. After purchase, you will need to scan a receipt and link it to your Walmart Grocery account to confirm purchases.

Current users of the Ibotta app will also need to confirm their purchases. All users can only receive one cashback per item per family or Ibotta account. The maximum cashback is $ 20,27.

“After months of uncertainty and financial stress, this will help provide Americans across the country with good food to sit down at Thanksgiving Day.” said Whitney Arthur, director of marketing at Coca-Cola.

The program, which Leach calls "the first of its kind", will work as long as there is stock. Ibotta says it will determine if any restrictions are needed based on user demand and metrics, and clarifies: the availability of additional items such as a bag of gravy and cranberry sauce may be limited, but the company will try to preserve essential elements such as turkey. stuffing, etc.

“We cannot give 50 million goods. But I think a million is the minimum, says Leach. "I would love it if this program went viral."

In addition to the cash-back awards, Ibotta will also donate 150 meals to Feeding America to help the hungry. “We wanted to do something that could reach at least a million Americans. This meant looking for a multi-pronged strategy, ”says Leach.

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