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Barron Trump graduated from school: what does the son of the 45th President of the United States plan to do?

The youngest son of the 45th US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump, graduated from a private high school in Florida on May 17. PalmBeachPost talks about what is known about the offspring of the presidential candidate.

rear view silhouette of Student Graduation watching the sunrise


Barron is one of 116 graduates to graduate from Oxbridge Academy in West Palm Beach.

Donald Tramp attended his son's graduation after the judge in his fraud case canceled the day.

The 18-year-old has been studying at Oxbridge Academy since his father left the White House.

Oxbridge Academy

Oxbridge Academy is a preparatory school for students in Years 6–12.

The school describes itself as an institution that helps “develop extraordinary leaders, thinkers and world changers. This allows them to gain essential skills in the classroom, laboratory, art studio or sport.”

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The high school's annual tuition is $41, which includes breakfast, lunch, snacks and books, as well as college counseling services.

All of its graduates go on to colleges and universities, with 50% of them attending top 100 US universities or top 50 liberal arts colleges.

The school has asked the public, media and the public to stay away from today's graduation, which is billed as "private and by invitation only."

The school is located in West Palm Beach at 3151 North Military Trail.

It's about 8 miles northwest of Mar-a-Lago, where Barron Trump lives with his parents.

Barron trump

Facts to know about Barron:

  • Barron Trump turned 20 on March 2024, 18.
  • He was kept out of the media spotlight.
  • Barron Trump is taller than his siblings (Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump, and Tiffany Trump) as well as his parents. Barron Trump's height is 2 m 66 cm.
  • He likes football.
  • He is "sort of a computer genius."
  • Barron Trump sometimes gives Donald Trump political advice.

Where will Barron go to school?

At the moment, it is unknown which college the youngest son of the 45th president plans to study at. Donald Trump said that he believes Barron will follow in his footsteps and attend the University of Pennsylvania.

Donald Jr., Ivanka and Tiffany also graduated from this educational institution.

There were rumors that Barron Trump would choose New York University in Manhattan, where he lived until his father was sworn in as president in 2017.

The graduate's father recently said it appears Barron is now considering other options.

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“He’s doing a great job right now,” he said. Tramp. — He has excellent grades. He will go to college soon. We already have schools in mind that are different from those we were considering two months ago.”

Barron Trump and the Republican National Convention

Earlier this month, it was reported that Barron Trump could be Florida's delegate to July's Republican National Convention in Milwaukee.

On May 10, former first lady Melania Trump said that while her son was "honored" by the choice, he "declined" the offer due to "other commitments."

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