Banksy posted a video showing how he created graffiti in Ukraine

British street art star Banksy, whose identity no one knows, continues to delight Ukrainians with confirmation of his visit. This time, Banksy posted a video. Read more about this publication Ukrainian Truth.

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The artist posted a video on his Instagram page, where he puts his work on the walls of destroyed houses in Kyiv.

As musical accompaniment to the video, he chose the performance of the work "Chervona Ruta" by Vladimir Ivasyuk by two women on the bandura. Musicians also appear in the video.

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An air raid siren is also heard in the video. In the video, residents of the Kyiv region and the Ukrainian capital itself talk about the events of the war and comment on the artist's work. Some do not even contain their indignation.

Ранее Banksy's work was noticed on Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kyiv and Borodyanka by his fans. Subsequently the artist  confirmed the authorship of 7 works in Kyiv, Irpin, Gostomel and Borodianka.

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Banksy is the pseudonym of an artist or group of artists who paint their stencil graffiti around the world. Usually these are ironic graffiti created using stencils so that you can quickly apply the work on the wall and, in which case, run away from the police.

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