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A balcony collapsed in Mexico: 2 people were killed, 15 were injured

Two people were tragically killed and 15 were injured after A glass balcony collapsed at a nightclub in Mexico. Many of the victims fell from a height of about 40 feet (12 meters), the newspaper writes. The Sun.

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Visitors to the Rich Club in San Luis Potosí were expecting a concert by famous Mexican artist Kevin Moreno when tragedy struck.

Horrifying CCTV footage shows holidaymakers falling to the ground outside a nightclub after a glass barrier collapsed.

According to reports, 5 of the 15 victims were seriously injured. They are currently in the intensive care unit.

Jorge Hernandez, a spokesman for the mayor's office, said the nightclub did not have permission to hold the concert. He explained that the influx of public led to the fact that one of the fences on the third floor of this building could not withstand the pressure.

“This led to a tragedy that resulted in the death of two people: 21-year-old Manuel Alejandro Infante Puente and 17-year-old Rodrigo Espinosa Alonso. 15 people were injured, including serious ones,” the official stated.

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Immediately after the tragedy, authorities closed the nightclub and cordoned off the area to conduct an investigation.

Last month, nine people tragically died in a similar incident when a stage collapsed at an election rally in San Pedro Garza Garcia. Then, according to the state governor, at least 121 people were injured.

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