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Biden wants to introduce a 'death tax': what is it and who will affect

US President Joe Biden wants to change how a person's assets are taxed when they are passed on to heirs to stop exacerbating inequality and create a fairer system. Writes about it AS.

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The name "death tax" is used instead of inheritance tax by those who wish to abolish the taxation of accumulated wealth when it is inherited.

President Biden is proposing a tax change, removing a loophole that the wealthiest Americans use to avoid inheritance or gift taxes.

Typically, when a person sells an asset (stock, property, or other valuable item), the IRS will tax the person on the profits earned from the date of purchase. However, according to the current legislation, the asset “rises” to its present value after inheritance, so the heir will only pay tax on the accumulated value from that moment if he decides to sell it in the future.

It works like this: suppose that the shares that Uncle Jack bought for $ 1 increased in value to $ 10 in his life. Under current law, Jack is not taxed on these $ 9 unrealized profits during his lifetime or even after his death. His heirs never pay tax on that $ 9. When they eventually sell the asset, they will only have to pay taxes on any increase in value over the $ 10 they were worth at the time of Jack's death. Forbes.

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The original owner never pays capital gains on the asset because it has not been sold. This process allows property to pass from one generation to the next and is completely tax-free. Biden wants to change that and tax unrealized profits.

What Biden Proposes About Death Tax

Biden is calling for massive tax hikes for the wealthiest Americans, but pledged it won't affect those earning less than $ 400. The increased taxes will also help pay for stricter tax code compliance to narrow the tax gap that has caused the United States lose huge amounts of unpaid taxes. IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig told Congress in April that the United States loses about $ 000 trillion annually in unpaid taxes.

Currently, heirs must pay up to 40 percent in inheritance taxes, which are worth more than $ 11,7 million. According to a Bloomberg report, in 2019, less than one in a thousand people who died left assets that were to be taxed.

The plan includes many exceptions and special rules:

  • The first $ 1 million in unrealized profits ($ 2 million for a married couple) will be exempt from tax. The exemption will be indexed for inflation.
  • Taxes on assets transferred to a spouse will be deferred until the surviving spouse dies or sells the inherited assets. Assets donated to charity are tax deductible.
  • Tangible personal property such as home furniture and personal belongings, excluding collectibles, will be exempt from tax. Profits from a primary residence of up to $ 250 ($ 000 for a married couple) will be exempt from tax, as will some small business shares.
  • Taxes will be deferred for most family businesses until the firm is sold or is no longer operated by the family.
  • Taxes on illiquid assets (for example, non-publicly traded assets) can be paid over 15 years.
  • Separate rules will apply to trust assets.

This tax will usually apply to those who die after December 31, 2021.

Because of these benefits, no more than 2-3% of the heirs will pay tax. Very few people have assets of $ 1 million or more after death. And remember: Biden will not tax all of their assets in the event of death. He plans to tax only their unrealized profits.

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Preservation of inheritance tax

Congress could end this practice by moving to a "carry-over" principle for gifts or bequests. In short, Uncle Jack's heirs will be taxed based on the difference between the asset's value at the time of sale and Jack's original purchase price of $ 1. But Jack's heirs will still not have to pay this tax until they get rid of the asset - perhaps decades after they receive their inheritance.

Biden will not make direct changes to inheritance tax. While Biden has no plans to change inheritance tax, he wants to fundamentally change how assets are taxed in the event of death.

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