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Biden broke his foot in several places: what happened

President-elect Joe Biden suffered multiple foot fractures while playing with his dog Major. His doctor said he would probably need to wear a special brace for several weeks. More about the incident told the publication CNN.

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“The initial x-ray showed no obvious fractures, but the clinical examination required more detailed imaging,” said Dr. Kevin O'Connor on Sunday November 29th. - Follow-up computed tomography confirmed small cracks in the lateral and middle sphenoid bones, which are found in the midfoot. It is assumed that he will probably need to walk in a brace for several weeks. "

Earlier on Sunday, a spokesman for the president-elect announced that Biden was going to be examined by a podiatrist after he sprained his ankle while playing with a dog.

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On Sunday, November 29, in the evening, incumbent US President Donald Trump tweeted: "Get well soon!"

Biden, who turned 20 on November 78, will become the oldest president in US history.

During the election campaign, Biden's headquarters published a summary of Biden's medical history, which showed that the former vice president was healthy and fit for the presidency.

The report includes the results of a physical examination conducted by O'Connor, Biden's primary care physician since 2009 and director of executive medicine at The George Washington Medical Faculty Associates.

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O'Connor wrote that Biden is "a healthy, energetic 77-year-old man capable of successfully serving as president."

The Biden family has two dogs, Major and Champion, both German shepherds.

Bidense recruited Major from the Delaware Humane Association in November 2018. Champion joined the Biden family in December 2008, weeks after Biden became vice president-elect of the United States.

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