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Biden called Putin and offered to meet in neutral territory

During the telephone conversation, the American president discussed with Putin Ukraine, hacker attacks, interference in the elections and spoke about his wishes for future relations, writes "RBK".

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US President Joe Biden, during a telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin, invited the Russian leader to meet in the coming months in a "third country" to discuss the full range of issues in relations between the two states. The press service of the White House reports.

They indicated that during the conversation, Biden "clearly stated that the United States will be firm in protecting its national interests, including in matters of hacker attacks and interference in elections."

In addition, Biden assured Putin that the United States supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine: “The President expressed concern about the strengthening of the Russian military in the occupied Crimea, as well as on the border with Ukraine. He called on Russia to de-escalate tensions. "

“President Biden has reaffirmed his desire to build stable and predictable relations with Russia,” the statement said. It is noted that both presidents discussed a number of global issues, the development of a dialogue on arms control in the light of the extension of the START-3 treaty.

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According to “Ukrainian truth”, the Kremlin press service reported that the conversation took place "on the initiative of the American side" and that during the conversation, Russian President Vladimir Putin outlined his vision of resolving the conflict in Donbass, insisting that it was a "political settlement of the internal Ukrainian crisis."

“When exchanging views on the internal Ukrainian crisis, Vladimir Putin outlined approaches to a political settlement based on the Minsk Package of Measures,” the Kremlin's website says.

The Kremlin press service confirmed that Biden proposed holding a bilateral meeting to discuss such acute problems "as ensuring strategic stability and arms control, the Iranian nuclear program, the situation in Afghanistan, and global climate change."

According to the Kremlin's website, the parties agreed "to instruct the relevant departments to work out the issues raised during the telephone conversation."

On March 17, Russia recalled Anatoly Antonov, Ambassador to the United States, for consultations in Moscow. This happened after Biden in an interview with ABC News answered the question in the affirmative journalist about whether he considers Putin to be a murderer.

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After that interview, Putin wished Biden good health and invited him to a public conversation online. At first, Biden did not respond to this invitation, but later said that "the conversation will take place someday."

The Russian Foreign Ministry, commenting on the invitation of the ambassador, explained that the countries need to determine "ways of straightening out Russian-American ties, which are in a difficult state." A spokesman for the department, Maria Zakharova, argued that Moscow was not interested in the "irreversible degradation" of Russian-American relations, and stressed that this would be the topic of consultations with Antonov.

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