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Biden will visit Israel: crisis in the region worsens

US President Joe Biden will visit Israel on October 18 to express strong support for the country, which has declared war on the Palestinian group Hamas over its brutal terror in the south, reports CBS.

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“Biden comes here at a critical time for Israel, for the region and for the world,” Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Oct. 16 during his second visit to Israel in a week.

Blinken also said the United States and Israel "agreed to develop a plan that will allow humanitarian aid from donor countries and multinational organizations to reach civilians in Gaza," the small, densely populated Palestinian territory that has been ruled by Hamas for nearly two decades.

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Ground operation and opening of the checkpoint

Thousands of people in Gaza gathered at the Rafah border crossing with Egypt. Diplomatic efforts continue to open it before Israel launches its expected ground operation.

Israel has announced its intentions to destroy Hamas on its territory.

It is not clear when Israel and Egypt, which controls the only border crossing in southern Gaza, at Rafah, might agree to open a crossing to allow at least some foreign nationals to cross.

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However, the UN said no progress had been made in negotiations to open the crossing.

Cairo accuses Israel of 'non-cooperation', reports with the BBC. Israel has struck the area around the Rafah crossing at least three times since it began its air campaign in the Gaza Strip.

Dozens of trucks carrying fuel and humanitarian aid remain on the Egyptian side of the Rafah crossing awaiting entry as the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip worsens.

Relentless Israeli airstrikes and a complete blockade of the Gaza Strip imposed by Israel following the Hamas attack on October 7 have forced approximately half of Gazan's 2,3 million residents to flee their homes and created a humanitarian crisis.

Officials in the Gaza Strip say the Israeli bombing has killed more than 2800 people and wounded nearly 11, most of them women and children. In Israel, officials say the siege and ongoing Hamas rocket attacks have left about 000 people dead and another 1400 injured. Hamas is reported to be holding nearly 3500 hostages, including Israeli soldiers and civilians.

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Thirteen US citizens remain missing after Hamas raids in Israel. The murder of 30 US citizens has been confirmed.

About 600 US citizens are believed to be among the hundreds of thousands of people trapped in the Gaza Strip.

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