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Biden plans to run in 2024: what else did the president say at his first press conference

US President Joe Biden said he plans to run for a second presidential term in 2024. He said this at his first official press conference, writes Voice of America.

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"My answer is yes". I plan to run for a second term, "Biden said and added that he" misses his predecessor "Donald Trump.

However, the president later noted that he did not like to think about the future.

“I definitely never planned three and a half years in advance. But if I run, I expect Kamala Harris to be Vice President. She does a great job, she is a great partner, ”Biden said.

When asked by journalists whether he expects to compete against Donald Trump again, Biden replied: “Oh, I don't even think about such things. I have no idea. I don't even know if there will be a Republican Party then. And you?"

If Joe Biden runs for a second term in 2024, he will be almost 82 at the time of the elections. Now 78, Biden is the oldest president-elect in US history.

Joe Biden's first official press conference as president came unusually late - on his 64th day in office. This is the latest among all previous US presidents in more than 100 years, although earlier Joe Biden spoke to journalists at briefings.

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Access to the press conference was limited - only 30 journalists were accredited to it.

What else did the president talk about at the press conference

Among the most important points that the president dwelled on was the need for cooperation between the two parties to put an end to the policy of dividing the country that took place earlier. Voice of America.

“I'm willing to work with all Republicans looking to improve things,” Biden said.

Journalists did not disregard the surge in immigration on the border with Mexico. The President recalled that in reality this is a complex of problems that have been accumulating over the years.

Among other things, Biden noted that the number of children and adolescents has increased at the border, therefore, he believes, first it is necessary to solve the problems in their home countries.

During a trip to Pittsburgh next week, the president is expected to unveil a $ 3 trillion infrastructure development plan. Focusing on the problem of improving infrastructure, Biden emphasized not only the importance of solving it, but also that it will serve as an important source of new jobs.

During the press conference, the topic of legislative practice was also touched upon.

Answering the question about the activities of the legislators on the electoral reform, the President dwelled on the filibuster procedure and recalled that this measure is sometimes seriously abused.

Regarding issues of electoral practice at the state level, Biden strongly spoke out against attempts to limit voting rights in any form.

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Among international issues, the press conference touched upon the problem of the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan. The President noted its complexity, stressing that at present the US leadership is carefully analyzing the ways of its settlement, including the decisions taken by the previous administration.

The journalists also touched upon the topic of US relations with North Korea. Biden recalled the importance of diplomacy in resolving the problem and stressed the need to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula.

Referring to relations between the United States and China, the President noted that he knows Xi Jinping well. He recalled his long conversations with the President of the PRC. The President compared Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin.

Competition with China poses a large-scale challenge, Biden said, and significant investments in research and manufacturing, particularly in the medical field, are required to win.

At the same time, the President recalled the need to hold Beijing accountable for a number of actions in the international arena, including China's behavior in the East China Sea.

Biden also noted the need for a firm position on the issue of Beijing's violation of human rights. He recalled that this problem is far from being limited to China.

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Biden noted, among other things, that while Russian rhetoric no longer speaks of communism, it instead speaks of authoritarianism - a system in which one person makes major decisions.

Biden's popularity remains strong after two months in office amid a massive $ 1,9 trillion fiscal package and an active vaccination campaign.

As shown in a Reuters / Ipsos poll conducted March 17-18, 59% of the adult population as a whole positively assesses Biden's work, and 35% negatively.

Among the issues that have attracted special attention from journalists and the public are the president's plans to strengthen gun control in the aftermath of two recent incidents of mass shooting. Biden called on lawmakers on Tuesday to ban the sale of assault weapons and tighter measures to control arms trafficking in general, but few Republicans support these initiatives.

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In the U.S. Joe Biden press conference
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