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Biden calls Fox News reporter 'stupid bitch' over awkward inflation question

Joe Biden lashed out at Fox News journalist Peter Doucey, calling him a "stupid son of a bitch" after he asked a pointed question about rising inflation, reports INDEPENDENT.

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The president's insult was caught on camera after a journalist asked him, "Do you think inflation is something a party should be held accountable for in the midterm congressional elections?"

“This is a great achievement. Give more inflation! What a stupid bitch,” Biden muttered in the East Room of the White House.

The heated exchange of pleasantries—not the first between them—occurred against the backdrop of a cost-of-living crisis in the US, when incomes lagged far behind prices.

Dusi laughed at the incident and said he couldn't hear Biden's response because of all the noise in the room.

"Yeah, nobody checked the facts and said it wasn't true," reporter told Fox host Jesse Watt, who joked that he agreed with the president's assessment.

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Later on January 24 in the evening, Dusi said the president called him to apologize.

“About an hour after this conversation, he called me on my mobile and said: “Nothing personal, buddy,” Doucy later said.

“And we talked about just moving forward, and I made sure to tell him that I would always try to ask something different from what everyone else is asking. And he said, 'You have to.' And this is a quote from the president. So I will continue to do so,” Dusi said.

Doucey said it was a "nice call" and that he "thanks" Biden for taking the time to "clear things up" despite his busy schedule.

After the incident, CNN White House correspondent Caitlan Collins told host Jake Tupper that the president was fully aware that there was a microphone in front of him when he made this remark.

"The mic was literally right in front of him, that doesn't mean he went into the back room and forgot he had the mic on his lapel, it was right in front of him," Tupper laughed.

Doucey and Biden clashed last week when the president gave his first press conference in 2022.

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At that time, Biden chuckled in the podium after Doucey asked him why he was pulling the United States "so far to the left."

Biden was heard laughing as he listened to the question, before defending himself as a "mainstream Democrat" rather than "Bernie Sanders."

"Oh no. I don't know what you think is too leftist if what we are really talking about is making sure we have money for Covid, making sure we have money to put together a bipartisan infrastructure, making sure we actually significantly reduced the burden on working class people, I don’t know how it pulls to the left, ”Biden replied.

“You guys are trying to convince me that I am Bernie Sanders and I am not, I like him, but I am not Bernie Sanders, I am not a socialist, I am a mainstream Democrat,” Biden said.

Politicians in Washington call Dusi "stupid" in a sort of bipartisan tradition. Republican Senator John McCain did so in 2017 when Doucey asked him if he would block Donald Trump's agenda.

"Why are you talking such nonsense? Why are you asking something so stupid?” McCain replied.

“I serve as a United States Senator, a Senator from Arizona, I just got re-elected to this position, you mean that somehow I will behave in such a way that I will block everything due to some personal differences? This is a stupid question,” McCain said at the time.

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