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Aussie won the lottery resort on an island in the Pacific

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An Australian from New South Wales named Joshua won the lottery resort on the island of Kosrae in the Pacific.

The entire resort cost him a lottery ticket for 49 dollars, writes CNN.

The hotel complex Nautilus Resort is a one-story bungalow with 16 rooms, a restaurant, swimming pool and beach. It is located near the town of Tofol, the capital of the state of Kosrae, and the ancient ruins of Leleu - the main attraction of the island.

The resort was created by a couple from Australia in 1994 year. Some time ago, Doug and Sally Beitz decided to return to mainland Australia to spend more time with their grandchildren, so they decided to get rid of the property. One of their sons offered to arrange a lottery, dozens of tickets were sold around the world. For example, the winning ticket had the number 44 980.

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