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Named airlines with worse customer service

Many things can make a flight unpleasant: turbulence, cancellation and delay of flights, restless neighbors and their pets. But how the airline’s staff and crew deal with these failures and treat passengers can either improve the perception of the situation or turn an unpleasant moment into a complete nightmare.

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Edition Team compiled a list of airlines with the worst customer service, based on traveler reviews.

Of course, there are many airlines that serve passengers at the highest level, but according to customers, the following 9 carriers do not belong to them.

9. United Airlines, domestic flights;

8. Air India, international flights;

7. Egyptair, international flights;

6. Volaris, international flights;

5. Royal Air Maroc, international flights;

4. EasyJet, international flights;

3. Frontier Airlines, domestic flights;

2. Allegiant, domestic flights;

1. Spirit Airlines, domestic flights.

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