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Airline introduces health passports to travel to the US: how it works

American Airlines has unveiled the Verifly Health Passport for U.S. travel. Passengers traveling on all international routes can take advantage of the app, which makes it easy to check Covid-19 tests and other medical records, starting January 23. Writes about it Business Traveler.

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The announcement follows an earlier test of new passports on selected routes from South America and the Caribbean. The airline said thousands of customers have already traveled using the app.

The launch of the app comes as the US plans to require a negative Covid-26 test result for all arriving travelers aged two years and older starting January 19.

“We are expanding our work with Verifly to quickly expand the application experience and simplify international travel for our customers,” said Julie Rath, vice president of customer service for American Airlines. “We support the implementation of a global program requiring Covid-19 testing for travelers to the United States, and we want to do our best to ensure that travel is customer-friendly. So far we have received positive feedback on the application and hope that more customers will be able to use it. "

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“This new solution is a direct response to our customers' growing desire to explore more international travel options,” said Robert Isom, President of American Airlines, in an official press release. "The app will help us make travel more comfortable: we support the demand for people to return to flights and reassure customers, as they are fully prepared for the trip."

What is Verifly and how to use it

Verifly can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Before traveling, you will need to create a profile on your mobile device. You will be asked to confirm the details of the trip, including:

  • any necessary documents for travel to the destination;
  • negative test for COVID-19, depending on the requirements of your destination;
  • information about your flight.

When you enter your information, the app checks if your data meets the requirements of the country and displays a message telling you whether you “pass” or not. This simple message will simplify the check-in process at the airport before departure. Travel Awaits.

The app also sends reminders when your travel period during which a test is valid comes to an end or after your credentials have expired.

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On the day of your trip, you will be given the option of a fast track to the North Terminal. Just show your approved “pass” in the app.

American is working with multiple countries to further simplify this process and implement the Verifly app at destination airports so that customers have a fast track checkout process in all directions. In the coming weeks and months, the airline plans to expand the program to other markets. The developers claim that the application securely stores all the personal data of travelers.

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