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Airlines plan to keep passengers on board without COVID-19 vaccination

The head of the Australian airline Qantas Airlines, Alan Joyce, believes that in the future, a COVID-19 vaccination certificate will become mandatory for everyone who wants to travel. The publication told about the innovations with the BBC.

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“We are considering changes in our rules for servicing air passengers. Therefore, for example, we will ask passengers of international flights to be vaccinated before they board the plane, ”said the head of the airline.

He is convinced that the same practice will eventually become common in other air carriers.

“I think this will be a general requirement - judging by my conversations with colleagues from different countries,” he added.

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This is the first such statement from the chairman of a major airline. Earlier, air carriers did not publicly talk about the ban on flights for unvaccinated passengers.

David Powell, medical adviser to the International Air Transport Association, also suggested that in the future, information on the availability of vaccinations is likely to be required not only by airlines, but also by the governments of the countries to which passengers will travel.

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“Having reliable information about the health of a passenger - I think it will be very important,” he said.

Over the past weeks, several companies have announced success in developing effective vaccines for COVID-19.

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