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A charity concert and an outsider art fair: how to spend a weekend in New York (January 17-19)

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What: Exhibition of works by Efim Mikhailov

When: Friday-Sunday, January 17-19.

Where: Ukrainian History and Education Center 135 Davidson Avenue Somerset, NJ 08873

More: Efim Mikhailov was one of the most unusual and peculiar Ukrainian artists of the early twentieth century. His desire to convey the world of ideas, feelings and sounds in visual form led to the appearance of images that seem familiar, but so unreal and amazing.

His symbolic landscapes, whirlwinds of musical stars and waterfalls, red-hot flowers in the moonlight and delicate still lifes were completely unlike the work of his contemporaries. Unwillingness to comply with socialist realism led to his arrest, exile and premature death in the Russian Arctic.

Visible Music will be the first significant exhibition of the works of this artist in more than 30 years. It will feature 72 works by the artist.

Cost: Free.

What: Exhibition 'The Origin of Man'

Фото: Depositphotos

When: Friday-Sunday, January 17-19.

Where: American Museum of Natural History Central Park West at 79th Street New York, NY 10024

More: The exhibition presents a wonderful history of human evolution from our earliest ancestors millions of years ago to modern Homo Sapiens. It combines the most modern discoveries in the field of fossils with the latest achievements in the field of genomics to explore the deepest secrets of mankind: who we are, where we came from and what our species expects in the future.

Cost: $ 13-23.

What: Charity concert to help victims of fires in Australia

Photo provided by concert organizers

When: Sunday, January 19, from 18:00.

Where: Tenri Cultural Institute, 43W 13 th street, New York, NY, 10011


On January 19, talented musicians of New York and Moscow will perform at a charity concert to help victims of the fires raging in Australia since the end of 2019.

This concert, organized by violinist Nune Melik, is attended by cellist Andrew Vee, founder of the Grammy-nominated Attaca Quartet, violinist Alexandra Andreeva, violinist Vartan Mailianz, pianist Emily Martin, and graduate of the Juilliard school Tapelo Masita.

The co-organizer of the evening, Jonathan de Perry, will delight the audience with his playing the piano, and the Australian baritone Anthony Zatorski, whose relatives lost their house in the fire, will sing his country's songs.

The program includes works by Bach, Handel, Rachmaninov, Schubert, and other composers.

Nune Melik recently moved to New York from Montreal (Canada) and decided to arrange a charity concert to help injured residents and animals of Australia.

On behalf of her charity ArtMelik, Nune contacted the world-famous tool store, Florian Leonhard Rare Violins. The store manager, Jonathan Solars, decided to support the initiative and provided the musicians with the rarest Stradivarius violins for the duration of the concert.

The idea was also supported by the Tenri Cultural Institute, providing its premises. The Australian Consulate in New York expressed its informational support for the event.

Seats are limited, entry by All funds raised will be sent to Australian "Red Cross" and animal hospital.

Cost: Free.

What: Outsider art fair

When: Friday-Sunday, January 17-19.

Where: Metropolitan Pavilion 125 W 18th St. Manhattan, NY 10011

More: This annual art fair is an exhibition of works by artists and craftsmen whose work does not fit into mainstream culture. Every year more and more people visit it, and the popularity of the event is constantly growing, and this is not surprising, because you will not find more original and spectacular exhibits at any other exhibition in New York.

Cost: $ 27.

What: Russian folk tales and folklore for children

Фото: Depositphotos

When: Saturday, January 18, from 11:00.

Where: Sheepshead Bay Library 2636 E. 14th St. at Ave. Z Brooklyn, NY 11235

More: The Brooklyn Public Library invites children to enjoy classic folk tales, folklore, favorite songs, as well as take part in games and other entertainments.

Cost: Free.

What: Р СѓСЃСЃРєРёР№ Р »РЁС‚ерР° турны Р№ РєР »СѓР ±

When: Saturday, January 18, from 12:00.

Where: Sheepshead Bay Library, 2636 E. 14th St. at Ave. Z Brooklyn, NY 11235

More: Russian Literary Club invites all lovers of literature and poetry to take part in its regular meeting. The club represents writers and émigré poets writing in Russian and Ukrainian languages.

In addition, club members provide assistance to novice writers.

Cost: Free.

What: Meeting with Russian writer Nina Cosman

Фото: Depositphotos

When: Saturday, January 18, from 14:00.

Where: Kings Bay Library 3650 Nostrand Ave. (near Ave. W) Brooklyn, NY 11229

More: Nina Cosman is an American writer of Russian origin. Poems and short stories written in English were published in the USA, Canada, Spain, Holland, and Japan. The plays were staged in theaters in New York. Two books of English translations of Marina Tsvetaeva’s poems have been published.

The novel "Queen of the Jews" was first published in English in England under a pseudonym. The action of the novel takes place in modern New York. A Jewish woman falls in love with a painter from Palestine sent to kill her. “Miss Nina, are you Muslim?” Is a collection of short stories about teaching the author in a New York school for children from Muslim families.

Cost: Free.

What: Literary readings in Russian

When: Saturday, January 18, from 14:00.

Where: Tompkins Square Library 331 East 10th Street New York, NY 10009

More: Two authors will take part in the readings - Lilia Gazizova and Pavel Lembersky.

Lilia Gazizova (Kayseri, Turkey) is a Russian poet of Tatar origin, one of the most famous authors of her generation. She was born in Kazan, Russia, graduated from the Kazan Medical Institute and the Moscow Literary Institute. Gorky (1996). Member of the Union of Russian Writers and the International Pen Club.

Gazizova is the author of fifteen collections of poems published in Russia, Europe and the United States. The first, entitled The Black Pearl, was published in the early 1990s with a foreword by Anastasia Tsvetaeva (sister of the poet Marina Tsvetaeva).

Pavel Lembersky - Russian-American writer and screenwriter. He graduated from the University of Berkeley. Pavel is a legendary Russian New Yorker with many publications. Lembersky's prose has been translated into German, English and other European languages.

Cost: Free.

What: Winter Jazzfest 2020

Фото: Depositphotos

When: Saturday, January 18, from 21:00.

Where: The event takes place at several locations, the list of participants, addresses and schedule of performances - by link.

More: From January 8 to January 18, the Winter Jazz Festival 2020 is held in New York. Jazz is very popular all over the world, but in the USA this musical direction is especially loved. The characteristic features of the musical language of jazz were originally improvisation, a sophisticated rhythm and swing.

At this festival will perform as young, little-known performers, and well-deserved legends of jazz, also in the program of the event - a three-day music marathon.

Cost: From $ 20.

What: Ukrainian party

When: Saturday, January 18, from 20:00.

Where: Ukrainian National Home 140 2nd Avenue New York, NY 10003

More: MLNK Ukrainian Party - Malanka in a modern way. This is the first of a series of secret guest parties. This time, a special guest is so famous for every Ukrainian that his name is simply superfluous. He will arrange dancing in the "club" and make "spring come faster."

Guests are waiting for the best Ukrainian music and many gifts.

Cost: $ 25.

What: Interactive exhibition 'World of microbes'

Фото: Depositphotos

When: Sunday, January 19, from 10:00.

Where: 47-01 111th Street, NY 11368

More: We live in a sea of ​​germs. Even if you do not see these microbes, you are surrounded by them. They are everywhere: on the surface, on hands, in soil, water, in snow, as well as in the sands of the desert and in the Arctic Ocean. And they are alive - reproduce, move and respond to the environment. At the interactive exhibition "The World of Microbes" you can explore this invisible, fascinating and important world.

Cost: Free.

In addition, interesting events for each day of the week can be found in our calendar. Come, learn, share with friends.

Before the visit, check the organizers website for details and location of the event, as they may vary.

Keep us updated on what's happening in your city. Send information about events for the Russian-speaking diaspora to e-mail

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