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The Dybbuk, a play based on a Jewish mystical tale, will be shown in Boston.

From May 30 to June 23, a play based on the traditional Jewish tale “The Dybbuk” will be shown in Boston. This is an ancient fantastic and mystical folk tale. This work depicts a story of love, family and a restless Jewish soul.

You can buy tickets for the performance of “The Dybbuk”, which will be shown at the Vilna Shul at the Boston Center for Jewish Culture (18 Phillips St., Beacon Hill). here.

The production is part of the Jewish Plays initiative organized by the Arlekin Players.

The main characters on stage will be played by Andrei Burkovsky (he will play Honen/Dybbuk) and Yana Gladkikh (Leia). They will convey the tragic fate of young lovers, soaring between the worlds of the living and the dead. The performance also includes actors from the permanent troupe of Arlekin Players: Olga Aronova, Zhenya Brodskaya, Polina Dubovikova, Anna Furman, Boris Furman, Rimma Gluzman, Jean Rabbi, Yulia Shikh, Olga Sokolova and Irina Vilenchik.

The director of the play is Igor Golyak, who has already captivated the American public with the tragic production “Our Class.”

“At this terrible time for our country and the world, we need to bring everyone together - artists, Boston theatergoers, immigrant communities, the Jewish community - and share with them the epic and fantastic story of love, longing and the restless spirits that hover between us and between worlds,” noted Igor Golyak.

A dybbuk is a character in Jewish folklore. This is a soul that is stuck between the world of the living and the world of the dead because of its atrocities during life and is looking for a person to inhabit. Most often, a dybbuk chooses an organism that is weakened - spiritually or physically.

The Harlekin Players Theater was founded by Ukrainian-born artistic director Igor Golyak in 2009 and launched its virtual theater laboratory (zero-G) in 2020. Harlekin Players has received numerous awards, including several Elliott Norton Awards from the Boston Theater Critics Association, as well as a special award for innovation during the pandemic.

The Golyak Theater tours around the world and produces works that explore identity, culture, anti-Semitism, tradition, and seeks ways to awaken humanity and unite people.

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