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Landlords in Illinois are required to rent out housing to illegal immigrants

Effective January 1, 2024, Illinois landlords will be required to rent or sell property to illegal immigrants. More in the new law figured out the publication My State Line.

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The law adds immigration status as a protected class to the Illinois Human Rights Act.

More than 11 migrants from Central and South America have arrived in Illinois since August last year, transported north by border states, according to The Center Square.

On the subject: In Oregon, there is a village of tiny houses that cost $650 a month to rent.

“Prior to this particular crisis, the state has always had a large number of refugees, and in the past it was possible to take these people in, so I'm not worried that this will be the only factor that will create a huge increase in rents,” said Michael Glasser of the area's Building Owners Alliance. .

The median monthly rent in Illinois is $1, but in the Chicago area it is closer to $795.

Glasser said a possible way to solve the immigrant crisis and solve housing problems is to get them to work in the housing sector.

“Many in our industry are interested in a skilled workforce that can take care of some of our maintenance, painting and landscaping work,” Glasser said.

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This year, the Illinois General Assembly also passed legislation allowing illegal immigrants to get legal driver's licenses and become police officers.

The state was forced to suspend a program that subsidized health care for illegal immigrants after enrollments exceeded available funding.

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